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  1. Characterization of two-phase combustible mixtures produced in a fan stirred bomb, F. Atzler, M. Lawes , Y. Lee and N. Marquez Click to Download
  2. Procedure for the obtaining by means of MFE of the thermal fields, deformations and residual tensions in welded unions, Yenei Garc Click to Download
  3. Flame speed oscillations in combustion of two-phase mixtures, F. Atzler, F.X. Demoulin, M. Lawes, Y. Lee and N. Marquez Click to Download
  4. A Kernel based approach for classification of electromagnetic interference signals, Ender Luzardo, Jos Click to Download
  5. Damage and structural restoration effect in the calculation of structural natural vibration frequencies of petroleum vapor plant, Antonio Ram Click to Download
  6. Lactic acid separation from fermented whey using electrodialysis, Ana Machado, Leopoldo Gorrochotegui y Antonio C Click to Download
  7. Effect of lactose concentration on the grow kinetics of Kluyveromyces marxianus var. marxianus and production of b-D-galactosidase (E.C., Karelen Araujo, Gisela P Click to Download
  8. Hydrogels obtained from acrylamide, maleic acid, acrylic acid and octylmonoitaconate: synthesis, absorbent capacity and pH variations in copper sulfate solutions, Blanca Rojas de Gascue, Marvelis Ram Click to Download
  9. Poly(methacrylic acid) modification with 2-oxazolines derivatives of bioactive acids: 1-naphtyl acetic acid, Am Click to Download
  10. Nitroxide mediated polymerization of n-butyl acrylate using accelerating agents, Myriam Gregorio-De Las Heras, David Le Click to Download
  1. hermophilic anaerobic biodegradability of water from crude oil production in batch reactors, Edixon Guti Click to Download
  2. Evaluation of oil-in-water emulsions with non-ionic and anionic surfactants mixtures for potential use in the oil industry, Nacarid Delgado, Fredy Ysambertt, Carla Montiel, Gerson Ch Click to Download
  3. Factibility of treat wineyard wastewater through anaerobic biodigestion with a from cow Click to Download
  4. Determination of optimal alkaline treatment conditions for fique fiber bundles as reinforcement of composites materials, Cristina Castro, Ana Palencia, Iv Click to Download
  5. Alkylation of benzene with 1-dodecene catalyzed by modified clays, Tania Oberto, Jorge S Click to Download
  6. Electrochemical behavior of dopamine in presence of Ascorbic Acid by using an electrochemical modified gold electrode and an electrochemical and chemical modified gold electrode with a thiol, Sabino Menolasina, Ricardo R. Contreras, Anfrelis Aguilar, Olga Contreras and Alexis Rodr Click to Download
  7. Experimental study about scour protection at circular piers, Alix T. Moncada M., Juli Click to Download
  8. Cache memory coherence protocol for distributed systems, Jos Click to Download
  9. A fractional generalization of the Lauwerier formulation of the temperature field problem in oil strata, Mridula Garg Click to Download
  10. Commutation to zero voltage and zero current of a three-phase AC-AD converter that uses a single controlled stage of potency processing, Pedro A. Vargas V. and Jos Click to Download
  1. On Formatting Transcriptions of Romanian Speech Click to Download
  2. Mechanical properties analysis of sealing disc for straight plate pig during pigging Click to Download
  3. Optical fiber structures that improve sun-light radiation collection for interior illumination Click to Download
  4. Location of emergency access points in rail tunnel: a proposal for New Centre Project in the city of Maring Click to Download
  5. Model test and numerical analysis on intake design of a forced lateral water diversion pump station Click to Download
  6. Mechanical, thermal and microstructural analysis of laminated composites with red mud and mauve fibers Click to Download
  7. Power quality improvement for grid connected photo voltaic system using asymmetrical multilevel inverter Click to Download
  8. A Novel Approach for Mining Similarity Profiled Temporal Association Patterns Click to Download
  9. Performance assessment of distributed generation technologies in radial distribution system Click to Download
  10. Ant colony algorithm to optimize cutting conditions and selective assembly to improve assembly precision Click to Download
  11. Study of Optimal Governor Regulating quantity on Genetic Algorithm Click to Download
  12. Factors Influencing Sustainable Construction among Construction Firms in Malaysia: A Preliminary Study using PLS-SEM Click to Download
  13. A Partial Least Square Structural Equation Modeling (PLS SEM) Preliminary Analysis on Organizational Internal and External Factors Influencing Effective Construction Risk Management among Nigerian Construction Industries Click to Download
  14. Experimental investigation on mechanical properties of micro and nano size Al2O3 particle reinforced extruded composites Click to Download
  1. Global Feedback Self-Programmable Cellular Automaton Random Number Generator Click to Download
  2. Influence of aging temperature on mechanical properties and thermal expansion of aluminium hybrid composite Click to Download
  3. Chaotic Synchronization Signal Shape Alteration as Seen by a Higher-Order Sliding-Mode Observer Click to Download
  4. An Approach in Power Quality Enhancement Using DVR for Three Phase Induction Motor Drive Click to Download
  5. Pore pressure test for fiber-reinforced self-consolidating concrete exposed to high temperature Click to Download
  6. Investigations and optimization for hard milling process parameters using hybrid method of RSM and NSGA-II Click to Download
  7. Tensile Properties Improvement on Friction Stir Welded Age-Hardenable Aluminum Alloys: An Evolutionary Approach using RSM based GA and SA Click to Download
  8. Machine parts recognition and defect detection in automated assembly systems using computer vision techniques Click to Download
  9. Integration and investigation of SSSC-SMES performance for active power enhancement by ORPD Click to Download
  10. Moderating Effect of Government Policy on the Relationship between Organizational structure and Construction Waste Management Click to Download
  11. Performance evaluation of major risk factors affecting construction projects Click to Download
  12. ISNR measure on deblurred blind images using Weiner filter Click to Download
  13. Intelligent robot with aspect based sentiment analysis Click to Download
  14. Achieving Quality Assurance through Total Quality Management (TQM) Practices in SMEs Click to Download
  15. A non isolated bidirectional DC-DC converter with LCD snubber Click to Download
  16. Flow visualization, heat transfer behavior and thermal performance improvement in a circular tube heat exchanger with modified delta winglet turbulators Click to Download
  17. Study of Friction Stir Spot Welding Process and its Parameters for Increasing Strength of Dissimilar Joints Click to Download
  18. Applications of geometric function theory related to mechanical systems Click to Download
  19. Ontological based interoperability and integration framework for heterogeneous weather systems Click to Download
  20. Optimized semantic based multiple web search engine with anti-phishing technique Click to Download
  21. Thermal Stability and Degradation behavior of Fibre Metal Mesh Laminate Composites by Thermo Gravimetric Analysis Click to Download
  22. Study on the shear behaviour of ferrocement hollow beams Click to Download
  23. The optimal hall sensor Click to Download
  24. An approach of a Face Analysis Process to determine the age of persons in Digital Imaging Click to Download
  25. An Efficient Approach to find Similar Temporal Association Patterns Performing Only Single Database Scan Click to Download
  26. Semi-active Fuzzy Control of the Magneto-rheological Damping Device for CNC Lathe Click to Download
  27. Reduction of scour around circular piers Click to Download
  28. Edge Chromatic Number on Some Equal Degree Graph Click to Download
  29. A Multi-cup Uniform Flux Gas Anchor and Its Degassing Efficiency Click to Download
  30. A Feature Selection Method for CBIR Mammography CAD Click to Download
  31. Intelligent Recognition Model for Music Emotion Click to Download
  32. Product Species Form DesignBasedon MCF Gene Click to Download
  33. Breast Mass Segmentation in Mammographic Images Based on Gmac Model using Variational Level Set Method Click to Download
  34. An Extension Method of Identifying Core Capabilities of Service-oriented Manufacturing Enterprises Click to Download
  35. Coarse-to-Fine: Cascade Regressors in Pedestrian Detection Click to Download
  36. Evaluation of Network Security Based on Neural Network Click to Download
  37. Parameter Estimation for Defocus Blurred Image Based on Polar Transformation Click to Download
  38. Chaotic Time Series Prediction Based on RBF Neural Network Click to Download
  39. Comparison ofVarious Body Contact MOSFETs on Single Event Transients in 130 nm Partially Depleted SOI Process Click to Download
  40. Performance Evaluation of Food Traceability System Using Fuzzy Comprehensive Method Click to Download
  41. Face Detection and Recognition Based on an Improved Adaboost Algorithm and Neural Network Click to Download
  42. Modeling flow in pipes to detect and locate leaks using a state observer approach Click to Download
  43. Diversity Capacity of Multiple Input Multiple Output Wireless Networks with Cooperative Transmissions Click to Download
  44. Nonlinear Analysis of Steel-Concrete Composite Deck Considering Interfacial Slip and Uplift Click to Download
  45. Using statistical techniques to evaluate the surface roughness in 316LVM stainless steel probe subjected to comparative abrasive wear Click to Download
  46. Image Fusion Based on Curvelet Transform and Principal Component Analysis Click to Download
  47. Corrosive aggressiveness of water production due to the SRB and CO2 Click to Download
  48. An Evolutionary Computation Based on Immune Operation for Constraint Optimization Problems Click to Download
  49. Growth of Pleurotus ostreatus on non-supplemented agro-industrial wastes Click to Download
  50. Pallet of Weighing Sensor Error Calibration Device FEM Analysis and Optimization Click to Download
  1. Control of robot arm by using reference arm and LabVIEW Click to Download
  2. Reliability Evaluation of Distribution Network with Different Distributed Generators Click to Download
  3. Vulnerability Evaluation Model for Wireless Networks Based on Conflict Graph Click to Download
  4. Prostate Biopsy Strategy Modeling by Clinical Data Click to Download
  5. Construction Algorithm for Mobile Social Networking with Core of Credibility Click to Download
  6. Underwater Target Location Modeland Error Analysis Click to Download
  7. Influence of Permanent Magnet Type Retarder on Vehicle Braking Force Utilization Click to Download
  8. Optimized Purchase Decisions towards Low Carbon Supply Chain Click to Download
  9. A Time Sequence Encoding Algorithm Based on Dimension Reduction Click to Download
  10. ERP System Gray-Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation Based on Balanced Scorecard Method Click to Download
  11. Urban Transport Structure Evolution Mechanism and Optimization Strategy Click to Download
  12. Segmentation of Somatic Cells Based on Cloud Model Click to Download
  13. Forming Simulation and Influencing Factors Analysis of Hot Stamping Steel Sheet Click to Download
  14. Test Suite Minimization Based on Improved Artificial Fish Swarm Algorithm Click to Download
  15. Multi-objective FJSP Problem Based on Hybrid Genetic Tabu Algorithm Click to Download
  16. An Audio Attention Computational Model Based on Spatial Cues Gradient Click to Download
  17. Application of Wavelet Neural Network PID for Maximum Power Point Tracking in Wind Power System Click to Download
  18. Applications of Compliant Actuators to Wearing Robotics for Lower Extremity Click to Download
  19. Analysis of Urban-Rural Integration Path Based on PSO Algorithm Click to Download
  20. Prediction-Based Geographic Routing over VANETs Click to Download
  21. Face Recognition Based on Parallax Information Assisted Technology Click to Download
  22. A Novel Similarity Measure for Intrusion Detection using Gaussian Function Click to Download
  23. A Novel Approach for Imputation of Missing Attribute Values for Efficient Mining of Medical Datasets Click to Download
  24. Image Recognition Based on Integration of Blur and Affine Invariants of Radial Krawtchouk Moment Click to Download
  25. Pessimistic Multi-Granulation Rough Set in Incomplete Information System Click to Download
  26. Integer PointsonElliptic Curve Click to Download
  27. An Adaptive Chaotic Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm Based on Logistic Mapping Click to Download
  28. Object Recognition Based on Descriptor of Improved Histograms of Second-Order Gradients Click to Download
  29. Character Recognition using Artificial Bee ColonyAlgorithm Click to Download
  30. Image Segmentation Based on Adaptive Inertia Weight Particle Swarm Optimization Click to Download
  31. Adaptive Multi-feature Fused Particle Filtering Algorithm in Moving Target Tracking Model Click to Download
  32. Diffusion Wear of Al2O3 Ceramic Tools when Cutting Materials Based on Thermodynamics Solubility Click to Download
  33. An Integrated Framework for Implicit and Non-LinearReliability ComputationBased on Kriging Model Click to Download
  34. Paper-cut Image Matching Algorithm Based on Geometric Hashing Click to Download
  35. Prediction of Concrete Dam Crack Based on Stochastic Artificial Intelligence Technology Click to Download
  36. A Utility-Driven Scheduling Algorithms in Cloud Computing Click to Download
  37. Error Analysis of Machining Model with Boundary for NC Machining of Catmull-Clark Subdivision Surface Click to Download
  38. Dynamic Property Analysis of Large Aqueduct Based on FEM and Additional Mass Method Click to Download
  39. Influence of IT/IS on Green Innovation Click to Download
  40. Stream Discharge Analysis Model Based on Fuzzy Clustering Iterative Method Click to Download
  41. Wavelet and ANFIS Combination Model for Groundwater Level Forecasting Click to Download
  42. Two-dimensional Model for Outfall Water Quality Forecasting of Sewage Treatment Plant Click to Download
  43. An Improved ZigBee Routing Algorithm Click to Download
  44. Modeling and Simulation of PV Based MPPT Algorithm by Different Method using Boost Converter Click to Download
  45. Optimization of Feed-Forward Neural Network with Evolutionary Computation Click to Download
  46. Internal Control Evaluation System of Manufacturing Enterprises Click to Download
  47. Line Selection for Single-Phase Ground Fault Based on Grey Relation Analysis in Small Current Grounding System Click to Download
  48. Image Denoising Algorithm Basedon Wavelet Threshold Function Click to Download
  49. Object Detection Using Local Contour and Global Structure Features Click to Download
  50. Facial Expression Recognition Using Deep Belief Network Click to Download
  1. Adaptive Fractional Order Differential Image Enhancement Algorithm Based on Image Complexity Click to Download
  2. Micro-blog Personalized Query Expansion Based on Latent Topic Classification Click to Download
  3. Multi-Objective Optimization Algorithm Based on Improved Harmony Search for Wireless Sensor Network Click to Download
  4. An Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm Based on Hybrid Strategy Click to Download
  5. Coefficient Numerical Inversion of Temperature Model with Hot-Pressing of Fiberboard Click to Download
  6. A Niched Cartesian Genetic Programming for Evolvable Hardware Click to Download
  7. Semi-discretization Algorithm for Option Pricing in CEV Jump-diffusion Model Click to Download
  8. Security Analysis of a Mutual-Authentication Cryptographic Protocol Based on Strand Space Model Theory Click to Download
  9. Distributed Clustering Algorithm for Privacy-Preserving Based on Random Projection Click to Download
  10. Domain Concept Extraction Based on Ontology Learning Click to Download
  11. Application of Multi-Wavelet Analysis in Image Compression Click to Download
  12. A Dynamic K Value Method of Massive Data Reduction Based on Improved LLE Algorithm Click to Download
  13. Common Characteristics Analysis of International Advanced Enterprises Fundamental Prospective Based on Clustering Evolution Analysis Click to Download
  14. Measuring System for Outline Dimension of Vehicle Based on ARM11 Click to Download
  15. Multi-parameters Optimization Model Based on Local Searching Optimization Shuffled Frog-leaping Algorithm Click to Download
  16. A Quantitative Analysis Method of Model Reliability Click to Download
  17. A Random Walk Model for Chinese Chess Game Playing Click to Download
  18. Image matching Under Varying Illumination Using Uniform Symmetric-Local Binary Pattern Click to Download
  19. Algorithm for the Extraction of the Features of Squamous Carcinoma Cells Based on MEFMs Click to Download
  20. Collaborative Filtering Algorithm for Employment Based on Employment Behavior Click to Download
  21. Application of Self-adaptive Immune Differential Algorithm in Multimodal Function Optimization Problem Click to Download
  22. Optimal Path Algorithm Based on Complex Network Click to Download
  23. Infrared and Visible Image Fusion using Multiscale Top-Hat Transform and Modified Adaptive Dual-Channel PCNN Click to Download
  24. Electronic Trade Model Based on Cloud Computing Click to Download
  25. FDFD-based Analysis of Boeing 767 Bistatic Radar Cross-section Click to Download
  26. Investigation on Porous Materials for Cesium Beam Frequency Standard in Space Environment Click to Download
  27. A Framework of Controller with Flow Table Cache and Performance Analysis in Software Defined Industrial Networks Click to Download
  28. Analysis of Two-dimensional Information Decoding Algorithm for Reducing Security Gap of LDPC Code Click to Download
  29. Distributed Collaborative Simulation Ontology Meta Model Transformation Method and Integrated Hybrid Algorithms Click to Download
  30. Evolvement Procession of Innovation networks for Strategic Emerging Industries: Based on Life Cycle Curve and Social Network Method Click to Download
  31. Reliability Assessment Algorithm of Rural Power Network Based on Bayesian Network Click to Download
  32. Equalization of Urban-Rural Basic Public Services Based on SOM Integrated Orthogonal Simulation Click to Download
  33. Adaptive Fuzzy Sliding Mode Control Based on a DEAP Flexible Actuator Click to Download
  34. Matrix Method for Computing Approximations in Variable Consistency Dominance-Based Rough Set Approach Click to Download
  35. Distributed Collaborative Simulation Control Model Based on Pertri Net Click to Download
  36. Multi-objective Optimization Model of Nutritional Ingredients for Poultry Based on Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm Click to Download
  37. Analysis on the Origins of Instability in Dissipative Structure Click to Download
  38. Complex Terrain Discriminant Model Based on GPS Positioning Algorithm with Coverage Optimization Click to Download
  39. Anti-dumping Prediction Model of International Trade Based on Classification Tree Click to Download
  40. Power Transformer Fault Diagnosis Based on the SOM Network Combined with the BP Neural Network Click to Download
  41. Network Stability of Feature Extraction Based on Improved Wavelet Function Click to Download
  42. Defensive Driving Behavior Cognitive Model Based on Agent Theory Click to Download
  43. Application of ANSYS on Screw Type Air Compressor Structure System in Dynamic Optimization Click to Download
  44. Mixed Dual Band Digital Predistortion Model Based on DDR Click to Download
  45. Application of Grey Relational Decision-Making on Determination of Ship Collision Risk Degree Click to Download
  46. Simulation of Indexes Influencing Import and Export Trade Based On the Principal Component Model Click to Download
  47. A License Plate Recognition Method Based on Improved Artificial Neural Network Click to Download
  48. Feature Extraction of Typical Vegetation Based on Rapid Eye Images Click to Download
  49. Influence of the Lower Plenum Design in Pressurized Water Reactor on Fuel Performance Click to Download
  50. Parametric Modeling of Cutting Head in A Road Header Machine based on Nurbs in OpenGL Click to Download
  1. ATM Abnormal Human Behavior Detection Model Based on State-Dependent Judgement Optimization HMM Algorithm Click to Download
  2. Groundwater Dynamic Prediction Model for Mining Area Based on Hybrid Soft Computing Click to Download
  3. An improved DMTS algorithm for wireless sensor networks Click to Download
  4. An Image Enhancement Method Based on Improved Fuzzy Set Click to Download
  5. Analysis of Dynamic Response of Solenoid Valve Based on AMESim Simulation Click to Download
  6. Hybrid Frequency Domain Image Denoising of G-C Transform Click to Download
  7. Analysis on the Financing Efficiency of Small and Medium Enterprises in the National Equities Exchange and Quotations Market on the Basis of Data Envelopment Model Click to Download
  8. Modeling and Collaborative Simulation Model Library for Performance Prototype Click to Download
  9. Cooperative Service Contract for Tour-Guides Service Outsourcing Under Dual Principle-Agent Click to Download
  10. Commodity Dynamic Pricing and Inventory Joint Decision-Making Model Based on Specific Power Demand Function Click to Download
  11. Dynamic Evolution of Global Economic Pattern Based on Grey System Click to Download
  12. Energy-saving Scheme of Cluster-based Embedded Web Server Click to Download
  13. Tournament Selection in Zeroth-Level Classifier Systems Based On Average Reward Reinforcement Learning Click to Download
  14. Evaluation Function Optimization of A-Star Algorithm in Optimal Path Selection Click to Download
  15. Engineering Refinement Checking Algorithm Based on Simulation Relations Click to Download
  16. Parameters Evaluation of Ant Colony Algorithm based on TSP Click to Download
  17. A Resource-tag Attribute Graph Clustering Algorithm Click to Download
  18. Modeling and Optimizing Location Selection of Urban-ruralLogisticsCenter Based on SCP-PCA under E-commerce Environment Click to Download
  19. Humanoid Robot Slope Gait Planning Based on Zero Moment Point Principle Click to Download
  20. Smart Home Wireless Alarm System Based on 2.4G Nrf24l01 Wireless Networks Click to Download
  21. TCP Performance of Multi-Hop Hybrid Networks in Wind Power Generation Click to Download
  22. A KMC-Based Multi-Scale Evolution Simulation Method of Dust in Virtual Campus Click to Download
  23. Integrated Model of Technological Development Strategy Decision Making in Power Grid Companies Based on SWOT and AHP_VIKOR Click to Download
  24. Date Mining Model Based on Association Rules Algorithm Click to Download
  25. Three Dimensional Retrieval Method Based on the Deep Convolutional Neural Networks Click to Download
  26. Motion Trajectory Aggregation Model of Playing Field Based on Spatial Temporal Features Click to Download
  27. Parameter Identification Method for Lithium-Ion Battery Model with Multi Frequency AC Signal Injection Click to Download
  28. Electronic Word of Mouth Model Based on Social Complex Network Click to Download
  29. Information Visualization Analysis of Human-computer Interaction Interface Click to Download
  30. Multipath Routing Algorithm for Video Stream Transmission Based on Clustering Theory Click to Download
  31. Image Retrieval Algorithm Based on Figure Feature and SIFT Feature Click to Download
  32. Filtering Algorithms for Image Processing in Embedded Real-time Systems Click to Download
  33. Adaptive Distributed Enterprise Network Management Model Based on Physical Topology Click to Download
  34. Parameters and Relative Effective Frontier of Data Envelopment Analysis Method with the Instance of Resource Allocation Evaluation Click to Download
  35. Identification of Driving links and Determination the Mechanism Click to Download
  36. Emotion Model Based on Multi Factor Matrix Click to Download
  37. Petri Nets Model Based on Matrix Operation Click to Download
  38. Environmental Art Design Entity Matching Method Based on the Outlier Detection Click to Download
  39. Image Segmentation Algorithm Based on Adaptive Particle Swarm Optimization Click to Download
  40. A Power Steering Control Model of PID Parameters with Colony Optimization Selection Click to Download
  41. Heuristic Reduction Algorithm Applied in Intrusion Detection Click to Download
  42. Collaborative Mining Method for Location Big Data of Outdoor Activities Click to Download
  43. Dynamic Simulation Analysis on EUA and CER Futures Prices at Two Phases of European Union Emission Trading Scheme Click to Download
  44. Continuous kNN Queries in Dynamic Road Networks Click to Download
  45. Topology Discovery Method of Wireless Sensor Network Based on Graph Theory Click to Download
  46. Grey Vector Model Based on Residual Error Correction and Its Application in Financial Risk Prediction Click to Download
  47. Investment Portfolio Selection Model Based on Typical Transaction Cost Click to Download
  48. High-Voltage Circuit-Breaker Fault Diagnosis Based on Mechanical Vibration Signals Click to Download
  49. Effects of Post-welding Heat Treatment of TIG Welding Joint of Al-Zn-Mg Alloy Click to Download
  50. Interfacial Behavior of Steel-Concrete Composite Deck by Fiber Bragg Grating Sensors Click to Download
  1. High Precision Microseismic Source Localization Algorithm Click to Download
  2. Predicting Hot Spots in Protein Interfaces Based on Feature Selection using Mrmr Combining with SVM Forward Click to Download
  3. Optimization of Global Convergence Based on Genetic Algorithm for Solving Shortest Emergency Route Click to Download
  4. Integrated Pressure Sensor with Digital Output Click to Download
  5. Empirical Analysis of Interface Integration Management Effect during Enterprise Technological Innovation Click to Download
  6. Intelligent Design of Baby Stroller for Personalization Production Mode Click to Download
  7. Infrastructure for Full Enumeration of the Problem Implemented by nSteps Click to Download
  8. Automated Negotiation Based on Proactive Information for Agent Community Click to Download
  9. Initial Value Sensitivity Optimization of PCM Algorithm in Engine Results Ranking Click to Download
  10. Analysis of Influencing Factors for Grain Yield Click to Download
  11. Intelligent Home Control System Based on ZigBee Technology Click to Download
  12. Application of Nonparametric Model to Measure Productivity of Dairy Industry Cluster Click to Download
  13. Composition and Verification of Web Service Based on Shared Resources Click to Download
  14. Dynamic Analysis and Simulation on Planetary Gear Transmission of Corn Harvester Click to Download
  15. Gait Design and Simulated Analysis of Quadruped Robot Click to Download
  16. Model and Simulation of Interaction Relationship between Forest Carbon Sinks and Economic Growth Click to Download
  17. An Improved CHI Feature Selection Method for Chinese Text Classification Click to Download
  18. An Adaptive Centric Gravitational Search Algorithm for Complex Function Optimization Click to Download
  19. Centralized Explain Items Semantic Method and Its Application Click to Download
  20. Complex Product System Risk Assessment Model Based on Bayesian Algorithm Optimized By Task Decomposition Click to Download
  21. Logistics Distribution Center Site Selection Based on Domain Mean Value Optimization PSO Algorithm Click to Download
  22. Statistical Data Combined Forecasting Model Based on Optimal Estimation of Error Value Click to Download
  23. I4Ocean: An Interactive Simulation and Scientific Visualization Platform for Marine Application Click to Download
  24. Constitutive Model of Stress Path and Primary Anisotropy in Unloading Conditions Click to Download
  25. Automatic Color Match for Planar Graphics Click to Download
  26. Comprehensive Evaluation of the Dissemination Way for Traditional Culture Based on the Fuzzy Number and the Entropy TOPSIS Click to Download
  27. Tracking Model of Moving Target Based on KNN - SVM Click to Download
  28. Aero-engine Compressor Performance Analysis Based on Deterioration Impact Click to Download
  29. An Image Restoration Method Based on Improved Transient Chaotic Hopfield Click to Download
  30. Motion Blurred Image Restoration Based on Improved Genetic Algorithm Click to Download
  31. Recommendation in Web Search Using Similar Query Mining with Big Data Click to Download
  32. A Note on Mean Value of Two-term Exponential Sums Click to Download
  33. Video Key Frame Extracting Scheme Based on Layered Optimizing SVM Algorithm Click to Download
  34. Contour Tracing in Feature Extraction of Aggregate Particles Click to Download
  35. Time Series Forecasting Model Based on SVM with Error Correction of Selected Parameter Click to Download
  36. An Encryption Scheme for Spatial Map Data Based on Optimized RSA Algorithm Click to Download
  37. Analysis and Verification of Land Surface Temperature Retrieval from HJ Satellite Click to Download
  38. An Improved Median Filtering Image De-noising Algorithm Click to Download
  39. Optimized Moving Body Behavior Recognition Model Based on Multi Texture Gradient Feature Click to Download
  40. Enterprise Performance Evaluation Model Based on DEA Algorithm with Decision Making Unit Click to Download
  41. An Accurate Data Collected Model in Air Conditioning Energy Saving Control Click to Download
  42. Spanning Large Graphs by Combining Work-stealing with Multiple Parallel Granularities on GPU Click to Download
  43. Evaluation System of Wisdom City Based on Optimized ANN Algorithm with Rough Set Click to Download
  44. Evaluation and Predication of Groundwater QualityBased on Fuzzy Model and BP Neural Networks Click to Download
  45. Parameter Controlling and Adjusting Strategy of Differential Evolution Algorithm Click to Download
  46. Load-Balanced Clustering Strategy for Wireless Sensor Networks with Transmit-only Nodes Click to Download
  47. Nonlinear Simulation Analysis on Resistant-Lateral Stiffness and Structure Torsion Effect of Asymmetric Arrangement R.C. Frame-Shear Structure Click to Download
  48. Attribute-Based Threshold Key-Insulated Signature Click to Download
  49. Traffic Strategies of Multiple MNOs: A Quantization Approach Click to Download
  50. A High Resolution Image Encryption Algorithm Based on IWT and Chaotic Mapping Click to Download
  1. Mathematical optimization model for Equivalent Noise Level Click to Download
  2. Design of Heuristic Algorithm for Non-linear System Click to Download
  3. A Feature Extraction Algorithm of Affine Invariant based on Region Partition Click to Download
  4. A Model to Calculate Collapse Pressure of A Horizontal Coal Well Based on 3D Constitutive Element Method Click to Download
  5. Automatic Building of ER and Data Flow Graph: A Business Process-based Approach Click to Download
  6. Contribution of Rayleigh Damping Parameters to Site Response under Influence of Rayleigh Wave Click to Download
  7. Real Estate Price Prediction Model Based on Dynamic Neural Network Click to Download
  8. Photovoltaic Power Generation Low-Voltage Side Grid Connection Optimization Based on Active Power Adjustment Click to Download
  9. Market Demand Prediction Model Based on Momentum Factor Optimization BP Algorithm Click to Download
  10. Key Factors Mining Method Based on AHP-FCE and Genetic Algorithm Click to Download
  11. Applying the Network Flow Programming to Cropping Plan Decision for FSC with Time Flexibility Click to Download
  12. Optimized PIDNN Intelligent Control Algorithm Based on Dynamic Excitation Function Click to Download
  13. Engine Wear State Recognition Based on Image Analysis and Genetic Algorithm Click to Download
  14. A Scalable Variable Bit Rate Audio Codec Based on Audio Attention Analysis Click to Download
  15. Prediction of Burden Descent Speed Based on Improved Extreme Learning Machine Click to Download
  16. Front Vehicle Recognition Based on Automotive Vision Click to Download
  17. Grouted Sleeve Lapping Connector and Component Performance Tests Click to Download
  18. Dynamic Characteristic of Subgrade in Da-Qin Heavy Haul Railway Click to Download
  19. Optimal Purchase Distribution and Risk Assessment of Power Supply Enterprises Based on Portfolio Optimization Click to Download
  20. A Searchless Fractal Image Compression Algorithm Basedon Wavelet Transform Click to Download
  21. Influence of Semantics and Knowledge Quantity on Operational Efficiency of Human-machine Interface Click to Download
  22. Decision Tree Algorithm Based on OLAP Multidimensional Data Set System Click to Download
  23. Analysis of the Response of Microstrip Line in Shielding Cavity by Electromagnetic Topological Approach Click to Download
  24. Supply Chain Performance Evaluation Model Based on Unascertained Clustering Click to Download
  25. Human Behavior Identifying Model Based on Adaptive Spatiotemporal Feature Optimization Click to Download
  26. Seismic Behavior of Precast Shear Walls with Vertical Reinforcements Overlap Grouted in Constraint Sleeve Click to Download
  27. Mobile Positioning and Navigation Model Based on Searching Space Optimization Dijkstra Algorithm Click to Download
  28. Design of Low Power and Area Efficient ESPFFIR FilterUsing Multiple Constant Multiplier Click to Download
  29. An Erasable Watermarking Scheme Based on Text Exact Authentication Click to Download
  30. Robust Controller Design Based on L1 Adaptive Control Method Click to Download
  31. Mathematical Models for Optimization Problem in Flowshop Scheduling Click to Download
  32. Automatic Metal Drum Opening-sealing Device Prototype for Nuclear Power Plant Click to Download
  33. A Risk Prewarning Model for OBS Activities Based on the Risk Recognition Click to Download
  34. Spray Atomization Characteristics of the Biodiesel of Different Blending Ratio Click to Download
  35. Multi-Infrared Sensors Data Fusion Algorithm on Four Unit Photoelectric Sensors Detection System Click to Download
  36. Extraction of Visual Evoked Potentials Based on Wavelet Packet and Wavelet Neural Network Click to Download
  37. Efficient K-Means Clustering Algorithm in Web Log Mining Click to Download
  38. Performance Evaluation of Intelligent Distribution Network Based on Big Data and Cloud Computing Click to Download
  39. Bearing Strength in Mechanical Joint of Marine FRP and Steel Plate Click to Download
  40. Corporate Credit Rating Evaluation Based on Community Detection of Genetic Algorithm Click to Download
  41. An Improved Image Clearness Algorithm Click to Download
  42. Pedestrian Detection under Low Illumination Environment Click to Download
  43. A Fast Converge Dual-Mode Modified Constant Norm Blind Equalization Algorithm Click to Download
  44. SIMO/FSO System using QAM over Gamma Exponential Atmospheric Turbulence Channel Click to Download
  45. Compressed Image Authentication using CDMA Watermarking and EMRC6 Encryption Click to Download
  46. An Adaptive Algorithm for Weak Signal Acquisition under Near-far Effect Click to Download
  47. Video Compression Algorithm Based onMathematical Morphology Click to Download
  48. Robust Adaptive Beamforming with Null Broadening Click to Download
  49. Image Fusion using An Improved Dual-channel PCNN and Block-based Random Image Sampling Click to Download
  50. Dynamic Simulation of Wellbore Pressure Based on Stripping-in Process in Drilling Simulator Click to Download
  1. Conditional Probability Based Feature Selector for Effective Data Classification Click to Download
  2. Computer-Aided Diagnosis System for Classification of Multi- Class Brain Tumor in MRI Images using Hybrid Texton Structure Descriptor and Particle Swam Optimized Neural Network Click to Download
  3. Influence of Fibre Treatments and Hybridization on Interfacial Shear Strength of Sansevieria Cylindrica Fibre Reinforced Bio-degradable Composite Click to Download
  4. Corrosion Resistance Study of Heat Treated 420 Martensitic Stainless Steel and 316 Austenitic Stainless Steel in Dilute Acid Concentrations Click to Download
  5. Compressive Sensing Based Data Gathering in Wireless Sensor Networks with Transmit-only Nodes Click to Download
  6. Optimized Decision Feedback Equalizer Algorithm based on Sparse Underwater Acoustic Channel Click to Download
  7. Dust Concentration Measuring Based on Nonlinear Amended Capacitance Method Click to Download
  8. An Improved Ontology Learning Algorithm from Relational Schema Click to Download
  9. Optimization of Small Strain Stiffness Parameters in Deep Excavation Engineering Click to Download
  10. A Parallel Genetic Algorithm for the Verifying Simulation of the Performance Prototype Click to Download
  11. Civil Aviation Security Early Warning Mechanism Based on Compensation Fuzzy Neural Network Click to Download
  12. Data Prediction Algorithm of Spatial Correlation for WSNs Click to Download
  13. Parameters Selection of Kernel Based Extreme Learning Machine Using Particle Swarm Optimization Click to Download
  14. Attacking and Destroying Principle Simulation of Interdependent Network Click to Download
  15. Energy Efficiency and Decision Areas: A Cognitive Study of This Relationship Click to Download
  16. Structural equation modeling for multivariate statistical analysis of the relationship between ports and regional economy Click to Download
  17. A Simple Analytical Method for Calculating the Optimal Value of Inductance of Sine and Cosine Shaped Spiral Inductors and Its Analysis using ANOVA Method Click to Download
  18. Algorithm of Passenger Travel Route in Space-Time Service Network of Railway Transport Click to Download
  19. Dispersion Properties of Aerogel Slurry and Application of Its Coatings in Thermal Insulation Engineering Click to Download
  20. Two Relatively Weaken Generation Mechanism of Internet Topology Click to Download
  21. Active Learning for Segment-based Emotion Analysis System Click to Download
  22. Image Local Contrast Enhancement Algorithm based on Grey Entropy Click to Download
  23. Model Construction and Solution of R&D Investment Decision for Different Rational Level of Upstream and Downstream Enterprises Click to Download
  24. An Encryption Algorithm of Self-adaptive Image Based on 2D-Logistics Mapping Click to Download
  25. A Natural Language Analyzing Method Based on Semantic Modification Relation Click to Download
  26. FCM Clustering Algorithm Based on Laplacian Coefficient Optimized Objective Function Click to Download
  27. Payment Scheduling Problems of Software Projects from a Bilateral Perspective Click to Download
  28. Traffic Congestion Measurement Based on Accumulating Volume Click to Download
  29. On the HK and the CMG Rate Regions Click to Download
  30. Method of Tree Radar Signal Processing Based on Curvelet Transform Click to Download
  31. Thermal Performance Test for Centralized Domestic Solar Water Heating System Click to Download
  32. A Model of Airport Emergency Rescue Path Planning Based on Hierarchical Optimized Dijkstra Algorithm Click to Download
  33. Base Band Resource Distributionunder C-RAN Click to Download
  34. Proof on Decision Tree Algorithm Click to Download
  35. Face Recognition from 2D Feature Regularized Face Click to Download
  36. Autonomous Groups Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm Based On Exponential Decreasing Inertia Weight Click to Download
  37. Online SOC Estimation of Power Battery Based on Closed-loop Feedback Model Click to Download
  38. Ranking Social Image Tags via Neighbor Voting and Random Walk Click to Download
  39. Target Detecting Model of Moving Body Based on Hybrid Gauss Distribution Denoting Pixels Click to Download
  40. Numerical Method of Heat Source Inversion of Temperature Profile Model With Hot-Pressing of Fiberboard Click to Download
  41. Implementation of Cache Schedule Strategy in Solid-state Disk Click to Download
  42. Fusion of Infrared and Visible Images Using Nonsubsampled Shearlet Transform and Block-based Random Image Sampling Click to Download
  43. Geological Modeling and Numerical Simulation of Upscaling in Complex Reverse Fault-Block Reservoirs Click to Download
  44. Digital Architectural Design Model Based on Morpheme Concentration State Space Filtering Click to Download
  45. Near Point Algorithm and Approximate Beam Method for Solving Variational Inclusion Problem Click to Download
  46. Pixel-wise Semantic Segmentation Algorithm Based on Deconvolution Network Click to Download
  47. Anatomical and Functional Medical Image Fusion Using Sparse Representation in NSST Domain Click to Download
  48. Multivariable Adaptive Optimization Based on the Structural Equation Set Click to Download
  49. Differential Multi-Pulse Position Modulation for Free Space Optical Communication Click to Download
  50. Robot Path Planning Model of Target Gravity Optimal RRT Algorithm Click to Download
  1. Corrosion Behaviour of Heat Treated 1060 Aluminium in Dilute Acid Solutions Click to Download
  2. Dwindling of Electrical Energy Consumption in Steel Industries using Digital Camera Click to Download
  3. Optimal Sliding Surface Design for a MIMO Distillation System Click to Download
  4. FPGA based Network Intrusion Detection System Click to Download
  5. Nine Factors for Competitiveness of Construction Companies In Asian Region Click to Download
  6. Interaction Design Principles for Edutainment Systems: Enhancing the Communication Skills of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders Click to Download
  7. Analysis and Design of Defected-Based Cells for Microwave Filters Click to Download
  8. Mechanical Properties Analysis of Deck Cracking on Prestressed Concrete Bridge Click to Download
  9. Vibration Signal Denoising Based on Wiener Filter in Wavelet Domain Click to Download
  10. Signal to Noise Ratio Calculation Model in Radar Detection System Click to Download
  11. Magnetic Controlled Variable Diameter Nozzle for Wood Powder 3D Printer Click to Download
  12. Application of Optimal Scale Regression Model to Sift Factors of Dairy Products Quality Safety Trust Click to Download
  13. Optimizing Train Connection Plan Based Method of Passenger Flow Assignment Click to Download
  14. Simulation of Welding Distortion under Pre-stress Based on Cylinder Longitudinal Weld Click to Download
  15. Seismic Response Analysis of Large Span Steel Structures Based on FEM Click to Download
  16. Content-Addressable Memory based on SelectRAM Block Resource Used for Router Testing Click to Download
  17. Modified Non-local Means Filter for Color Image Denoising Click to Download
  18. Large Scale Crowd Gathering Activities Network Attention Information Entropy Computation Click to Download
  19. Generalized Entropy Optimization Model Applied to Investment Decision Based on Investor Sentiment Click to Download
  20. Transfer Transmission Performance of Differential Multi-pulse Position Modulation in Optical Communication Click to Download
  21. Image Compression Method Based on Biorthogonal Balanced Multi-wavelet Click to Download
  22. Image Enhancement Method Based on Variable Fuzzy Sets Click to Download
  23. CBIR: Primary Collection of Relevant Image Selection using Rule Based Boolean Query Click to Download
  24. Effects of Inclined Magnetic Field on Peristaltic Flow of a Hyperbolic Tangent Fluid Model with Double-Diffusive Convection in Nanofluids Click to Download
  25. Image Edge Detection Algorithm based on GM(1,1,C) Click to Download
  26. Management Efficiency Evaluation Model of Differential Optimized High-dimensional Index Click to Download
  27. Multi-target Acoustic Localization Algorithm Based on Time-Frequency Transform Click to Download
  28. Simulation and Optimization of Filled Support Based on ANSYS & AMEsim Click to Download
  29. Construction Monitoring of Concrete Filled Steel Tube Arch Bridge with Large Span Click to Download
  30. Near-Forecasting Spatio-Temporal Data Processing Based on Cloud Computing Architecture Click to Download
  31. Application of Back-Propagation Neutral Network in Assets Responsibility Audit Evaluation Click to Download
  32. An Adaptive Image De-noising Algorithm Based on Edge Preservation Click to Download
  33. Outdoor Motion Positioning Based on Collaborative Relation Aerial Image Click to Download
  34. Multi-Source Information Decision Model for Internet of Things Click to Download
  35. Detection and Defense Strategy of Wormhole Attack in WSN Click to Download
  36. Personalized Recommendation Algorithm Based on Trust Click to Download
  37. Transfer Transformation Performance of Region Science and Technology Achievements Based on Fuzzy Borda Number and Comprehensive Assessment Method Click to Download
  38. Image Segmentation Based on Neural Network of Gradient Particle Swarm Optimization Click to Download
  39. Position Mining Algorithm Based on Massive Trajectory Data Click to Download
  40. 3D Image Enhancement Model for Large-scale Scene Based on Improved Retinex Algorithm Click to Download
  41. Simulation Optimization on the Identification of Competitive Strategy Click to Download
  42. Numerical Calculation of Induction Logging Response in Cased Hole Click to Download
  43. Self-adaptive Bacterial Foraging Optimization Algorithm Based On Evolution Strategies Click to Download
  44. An Analysis of Bursting Oscillations and Its Experimental Confirmation Click to Download
  45. Collaborative Confrontation Strategy Based on Acoustic Sensor Detection Click to Download
  46. Adjusted Value Finding Algorithm Based on Landscape Planning Data Click to Download
  47. Singular Detection Based Spectrum Sensing for Cognitive Radios Click to Download
  48. Investigation of Dynamic Inter-frame Image Compression Algorithm Based on Mathematical Morphology Click to Download
  49. An Improved Task Scheduling Algorithm of NSGA-II for Wireless Ad Hoc Networks Click to Download
  50. Lognormal Distribution Clutter Modeling Based on ZMNL Principle Click to Download
  1. Impact of Serious Game Towards Foreign Worker in Safety Induction Course in Malaysian Construction Industry Click to Download
  2. Structural Dynamic Analysis of Vertical Bars of Turbine Protection Trashracks of Hydroelectric Plant Click to Download
  3. A Barriers and Challenging Criteria of IBS Formwork: A Current Scenario Amongs Stakeholder Click to Download
  4. An Identification of Dramatis Personae Distribution in Malaysian Folktales for Structural Classification as a Preservation Means Of Malaysian Folktales Click to Download
  5. Comparison of Half and Full-Leaf Shape Feature Extraction for Malaysian Medicinal Leaf Identification and Classification Click to Download
  6. Impact of Social Well-Being on Manufacturing Firm Sustainability Practice Click to Download
  7. Readiness in Knowledge and Ability for Implementation of Industrialised Building System (IBS) In Malaysian Construction Industry Click to Download
  8. Weak Life Signal Detection Based on Wavelet Transform and Threshold De-noising Theory Click to Download
  9. A Real-time MAC Protocol for Event-driven Wireless Sensor Networks Click to Download
  10. Optimized PROMETHEE Based on Interval Neutrosophic Sets for New Energy Storage Alternative Selection Click to Download
  11. Sedimentation Analysis and Optimization of Piled Raft Composite Foundation of High-speed Rail with Hyperbolic Fitting Method Click to Download
  12. International Trade Vector Model Based on Gravity Field Theory Click to Download
  13. Moving Simulation of Potato Combine Harvester Elevator Click to Download
  14. Anomaly Detection Model of Psychological Measurement Based on Low-scale Feature Constraint Click to Download
  15. Structural Orientation Filter Based on Total Variation-L1 Model Click to Download
  16. Analysis of Internal Flow of Narrow High Draft Tube Based on CFD Click to Download
  17. A New Type of Building Material: A Study of Properties of Carbon Nanofiber Concrete Click to Download
  18. DEA-Based Manufacturing Enterprise Performance Evaluation Click to Download
  19. A High-efficiency Edge Detection Method of SAR Image Click to Download
  20. Decisions Making of PPP Project Based on Game Model Click to Download
  21. Adaptive Power Control of Dual Grinding Wheels Metallographic Cutting Machine Click to Download
  22. An Image Enhancement Method Based on Improved Fuzzy Set Click to Download
  23. Message Handling Method for RTI Adapter in Multi-core Cluster Environment Click to Download
  24. Expected Solving Model of Constrained Particle Swarm Optimization in Fuzzy Programming Problem Click to Download
  25. Entropy-based Common Process Extraction for Multi-datasets Click to Download
  26. Collaborative Practical Oriented Independent Variable Pitch Control Strategy for Wind Power Generation Click to Download
  27. Criminisi Image Concealment Algorithm Based on Priority Function and Blocking Matching Principle Click to Download
  28. Analysis of Psychometric Groups Based on Bayesian Random Distribution Click to Download
  29. An Efficient Intra-domain Multipath Routing Algorithm Click to Download
  30. On the Function of Graphic Language in Poster Design Click to Download
  31. Optimal Model of Resource Allocation Based on Multiple-target Lyapunov Function Click to Download
  32. An Improved Fast Fractal Image Compression Coding Method Click to Download
  33. Multi-Scale Complete Lattice Morphological Seismic Image Enhancement Method Click to Download
  34. Dynamic Monitoring and Simulation of Urban Land Use Based on Remote Sensing Click to Download
  35. Outdoor Scene Object Matching Based on Multi-scale Local Feature Points Click to Download
  36. Integrated Control with Energy Optimization Management of Frequency and Load Tracking for Wireless Power Transfer Systems Click to Download
  37. Fitting and Prediction of Dynamic Coupling Effect Between Online and Offline Total Retail Sales of Consumer Goods Click to Download
  38. Resource Matching Model of Cloud Manufacturing Platform Based on the Granularity Optimization of the SFLA Click to Download
  39. Construction of Weighted Clustering Mobile Database System in AD Hoc Network Click to Download
  40. Microfluidic Half Adder Chip Based on Spiking Neural P Systems Click to Download
  41. Genes Expression Data Processing Algorithm Based on Hybrid Particle Swarm Optimization Click to Download
  42. Aviation Freight Safety Inspection System Based on RFID Click to Download
  43. Outdoor Motion Localization Algorithm Based on Random Probability Density Function Click to Download
  44. Image Enhancement Using Adaptive Piecewise Mapping Click to Download
  45. Data Mining of Differentially Expressed Genes Based on Gene Expression Profiling Microarray Click to Download
  46. Closed-loop Self-adaption Reproduction Bacterial Foraging Optimization Algorithm for Economic Load Dispatch Click to Download
  47. Confrontation Decision of AUV Cluster Based on Sonar Signal under Uncertainty Click to Download
  48. An Efficient MAC Protocol for Distributed Cognitive Radio Networks Click to Download
  49. Non-Local Means Image De-noising Based on Wavelet Transform Click to Download
  50. Spacecraft Attitude Control Based on Nonlinear Extended State Observer Click to Download
  1. Current Sharing in Parallel Connected Converters with Indirect Duty Ratio Adjustment for Photovoltaic System Click to Download
  2. Quality of Service aware Vertical Handoff Decision Algorithm between WiFi WiMax and LTE Click to Download
  3. Improved Network Lifetime and Hole Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks using Robot Repair Algorithm with Topology Control Fault Tolerance Click to Download
  4. Image Fusion Based on Nonsubsampled Contourlet Transform Click to Download
  5. Interval Neutrosophic Fuzzy Stochastic Multi-Criteria Decision-making Methods Based on MYCIN Certainty Factor and Prospect Theory Click to Download
  6. Noise Reduction of 3D Human Body Surface Reconstruction Algorithm and Surface Continuous Optimization Click to Download
  7. Portfolio Optimization with Investment Constrains Based on Modified Cuckoo Search Algorithm Click to Download
  8. Pirates Attack Space Division Based on Spatial Clustering Click to Download
  9. A Handwritten Uygur Character String Recognition Method Combining Segmentation and Whole Word Recognition Click to Download
  10. Analysis on the Influence Factors of Farmers Click to Download
  11. Vibration Signal Filtering Algorithm Based on Singular Value Subspace Decomposition Click to Download
  12. Ecological Environmental Protection Strategy Based on Big Data Analysis Click to Download
  13. Cascading Failure in the Maximum Entropy Based Dense Weighted Directed Network: An Agent-based Computational Experiment Click to Download
  14. Sub-pixel Edge Detection of Cubic Spline in HSV Color Space Click to Download
  15. Operation Condition Analysis and Optimization Model of Wind Farm Click to Download
  16. Effect of Aging on corrosion Property, Electrochemical Behavior and Microstructure of 7075 Aluminum Alloy Click to Download
  17. A Community Search Method Network Based on Multi-objective Particle Swarm Optimization Click to Download
  18. Food Safety Document Classification Using LSTM-based Ensemble Learning Click to Download
  19. Intelligent Evolutionary Algorithm for Fuzzy Programming Based on Nonlinear Support Vector Machine Click to Download
  20. Time Synchronization Algorithm for Distributed Digital Product Collaborative Simulation in Multi-core Environment Click to Download
  21. Fluctuation Impact of Main Food Crops Production to Total Grain Yield Click to Download
  22. Allocative Efficiency Change and Total Factor Productivity Growth Based on Trans-logarithm Production Function Model Click to Download
  23. Self-adaption Model of Multiple-projection Blended with Geometric Color Click to Download
  24. Aerodynamic Performance Optimization Design for Aircraft Based on Improved Genetic Algorithm Click to Download
  25. Supporting Reinforcement and Stability Analysis of the Roadway Crossing the Fault in Deep Mining Click to Download
  26. Multi-objective Optimal Model of Two-sided Matching Click to Download
  27. Image Texture Feature Extraction Based on Gabor Transform Click to Download
  28. Obfuscated Binaries Reliability Analysis Based on Qualitative Method Click to Download
  29. Application of Paper-based Glucose Electrochemical Biosensors Click to Download
  30. A Method of Recovering Distorted DEM of Regular Terrain Click to Download
  31. Temporal and Spatial Evolution of Economic Center of Western Cities Based on the Grid Features Click to Download
  32. Sedimentation Calculation Based on Alamgir Model of Composite Foundation in Biding Material Pile Click to Download
  33. Interactive Relationship between Rural Pension Insurance and Economic Growth Based on VAR Model Click to Download
  34. Rule Generation Method in Smart Home Based on Habits Click to Download
  35. Analysis of the Income Gap between Urban and Rural Areas Based on Lorenz Curves and Gini Coefficients Click to Download
  36. Individualization Recommended Model of Gaussian Symmetric Optimization in Independent Increment Learning Click to Download
  37. Agricultural Spatial Spillover Effect Based on DS Model Click to Download
  38. An Image Edge Feature Extraction Method Based on Multi-operator Fusion Click to Download
  39. Complex Network Anomaly Recognition Based on Multi-source Large Data Click to Download
  40. Snubbing Operation Process Simulation Based on String Stress Actuation Click to Download
  41. E-Commerce Autocorrelation Decision Model Based on Defect Matrix Constraints Click to Download
  42. Ecological Model of Groundwater Environment Based on Hybrid Soft Computing Method Click to Download
  43. Price Forecasting Algorithm of Carbon Finance Market based on Kalman Regression Click to Download
  44. Pricing Binary Options Based on Fuzzy Number Theory Click to Download
  45. Image Correction Scheme Based on Improved Hough Transform Click to Download
  46. Preparation of Super-hydrophobic Coordination Coating on Aluminum Click to Download
  47. Distributed Collaborative Task Scheduling Algorithm Based on HPC-RTI Click to Download
  48. Trajectory Tracking Control for a Quadrotor Helicopter Based on Sliding Mode Theory Click to Download
  49. Predictive Direct Power Control Strategy Based on Two Stage Matrix Converter Click to Download
  1. Identification of High Conditional Complexity in Source Code Based on Statistical Analysis Click to Download
  2. Model of Uninterruptible Power Supply Based on Improved Hopfield Network Click to Download
  3. Extension Interior Design Knowledge Discovery Based on Extension Data Mining Click to Download
  4. Performance Analysis of A New Type Weighing Sensor Error Calibration Fixture Click to Download
  5. Integrated Positioning Algorithm of BDS/ GPS/ GLONASS Based on Isobar Random Model Click to Download
  6. Digital Camouflage Design Algorithm Based on Template Combinatorial Optimization Click to Download
  7. Urban Disaster Prevention and Emergency Material Distribution Based on Ant Colony Algorithm Click to Download
  8. Vehicle License-plate Recognition Based on Exponential Moments Click to Download
  9. Local Feature Point Extraction Method Based on SIFT Click to Download
  10. Soil Erosion Dynamic Detection Based on Remote Sense and GIS Techniques Click to Download
  11. Group Analysis and Evaluation Method of Enterprise Competitiveness Based on Law of Logic Partial Order Click to Download
  12. Ecological Protection Optimization of Traditional Village Landscape in Cold Area Based on Gravity Model Click to Download
  13. Information Security and Confidentiality Based on Data Mining Click to Download
  14. A Handwritten Digit Recognition Method Based on Bayesian Network Click to Download
  15. Sensitivity Analysis of Recycled Concrete Based on Grey Model Click to Download
  16. Particle Swarm Collaborative Practicability Algorithm Based on Partial Differential Exact Solution Click to Download
  17. Analysis on the Two-parameter One-dimensional Photonic Crystal Characters Based on Quantum-well Structures Click to Download
  18. Character Recognition Algorithm Based on Neural Network Click to Download
  19. Optimized GCA Based on Interval Neutrosophic Sets for Urban Flood Control and Disaster Reduction Program Evaluation Click to Download
  20. Simulation and Verification Synchronous Transmission System of Wireless Power and Signal Based on FSK Click to Download
  21. RFID Positioning Based on Vehicle Positioning Subsystem Click to Download
  22. Wireless Mobile Computing Model Based on BDI and Memory Evolution Mechanism Click to Download
  23. Cross-organizational Collaborative Web Service Composition Method Based on Local Quality Constraint Resolution Click to Download
  24. Direct Torque Control of the Direct Three Level Matrix Converter Based on Induction Motor Drive Click to Download
  25. Analysis on HTML5 UI Design Paradigm under the Background of Data Flow and Interactive Experience Click to Download
  26. Artistic Reconstruction Mode Based on the AUTOCAD and the Computer Aided Painting Click to Download
  27. A Novel Fish Swarm Optimization Algorithm using Convex Optimization for Pattern Recognition Systems Click to Download
  28. Discussions on the Randomness and Chaos of Geological Big Data Model Click to Download
  29. Research on the Dispersibility of KH550 Modified Nano-Ag/TiO2 in Urea-formaldehyde Resin Click to Download
  30. Research on the Virtual Machine Migration Model and QoS Guarantee Mechanism based on Fuzzy Self-Organizing Neural Network Click to Download
  31. State of Available Energy Estimation for Power Battery by Considering Rated Capacity Loss Click to Download
  32. Analysis of Action Mechanism for Rigid Flexible Pile Composite Foundation Click to Download
  33. Network Data and Cloud Computing Platform Application in Performance Evaluation Index of Regional Innovation Capability Click to Download
  34. An Improved Clustering Routing Algorithm Based on Energy Balance Click to Download
  35. Decision-making Management of Groundwater Environment System based on Bayesian Network Click to Download
  36. A Histogram Kernel Density Estimation Based Similarity Approach for Uncertain Time Series Click to Download
  37. Index Selection and Weight Calculation Method of New Area Production Construction Project Click to Download
  38. Multi- source Calibration Indoor Positioning for Emergency Rescue Click to Download
  39. Research on 3+2 Teaching Mode of Microelectronic Technology Professionals in Higher Vocational Training Click to Download
  40. An Improved Routing Algorithm For Zigbee Sensor Network Click to Download
  41. Study on the Construction Element of New Rural Sports Culture in Jiangxi based on Big Data Analysis Click to Download
  42. Computer-Assisted Physical Education Guiding Paradigm under Internet and Multimedia Environment Click to Download
  43. Construction of E-Commerce Intelligent Recommendation System based on User Behavior Mining Click to Download
  44. Applications of Design Patterns and Data Mining Algorithms in Software Development Click to Download
  45. Does the Investment-Oriented Informal Finance Narrow the Income Gap among Rural Residents? An Empirical Analysis Based on Interprovincial Panel Data Click to Download
  46. Effect of Lean to Emergence of Complex Systems-Taking Supply Chain as Example Click to Download
  47. The impact of Venture Capital on Independent Innovation of SMEs Click to Download
  48. Pollution Assessment of Heavy Metal Pb in Surface Soil of Cixi, Zhejiang Province in Recent 1,000 Years Click to Download
  49. Experimental and Simulation Analysis of Prestressed Concrete Continuous Box Girder Bridge Click to Download
  50. Empirical Research of R&D Investment and Independent Innovation based on International Trade Background Click to Download
  1. A Novel Clustering and Mining Algorithm for High Dimensional Data based on Uncertainty Criteria and Fuzzy Mathematics Click to Download
  2. A Novel Macro Micro Economic Index Prediction Model based on the High Dimensional Data Fitting and Logistic Regression Click to Download
  3. A Study on the Life Information Style of Sports Dance based on the Management Systems Click to Download
  4. Recreational Landscape Design Paradigm based on Three-Dimensional Reconstruction and Virtual City Click to Download
  5. Research and Demonstration of SVM Classification Based on Improved Gauss Kernel Function Click to Download
  6. A Novel Resource Scheduling Model for Cloud Data Center based on Game Analysis and Optimization Theory Click to Download
  7. Research on the College Students Click to Download
  8. Supply Chain Network Equilibrium Model Based on Freight Strategy Click to Download
  9. Research and Realization of Intelligent Building Energy Management System Click to Download
  10. Salt and Pepper Noise Removal Based on Sparse Representation Click to Download
  11. A Novel Cloud Data Center Resource Scheduling Optimization Model based on KPCA and Markov Chain Click to Download
  12. Application Research on Partial Differential Equation Image Processing on the Basis of Discrete Neural Network Click to Download
  13. The influence of Morning Exercises Individual Differences on Mental Health Based on the Network Big Data Click to Download
  14. Research on the Food Brand Building and Network Marketing based on E-business Platform Click to Download
  15. Teaching Evaluation of Single Chip Microcomputer based on Artificial Intelligence Algorithm Click to Download
  16. Sensitivity Study of the Bearing Capacity and Pile-soil Stress Ratio for Aeolian Sand Foundation Treated with CFG Piles Click to Download
  17. Application of Data Mining Algorithm in Governmental R&D Investment and Independent Innovation Ability Click to Download
  18. Improvement on Clustering Routing Algorithm of Wireless Sensor Networks Click to Download
  19. An Empirical Study on B2C E-commerce Service Model and Management Performance in Small and Medium Sized Enterprises Click to Download
  20. Preliminary Study on Wearable Devices based on Artificial Intelligence Algorithms Click to Download
  21. Research on Green Innovation Efficiency by Using Three-stage DEA Based on Super-SBM System Click to Download
  22. Impacts of Heat Transfer and Leakage on Performance of Micro Free Piston Swing Engine Click to Download
  23. Simultaneous Optimization Strategy of Cost-optimal Heat Exchanger Network Synthesis with PSO Algorithm Click to Download
  24. Synthesis and Research Progress of Monotitanocene Complexes Click to Download
  25. Forecast on Forestry Sub-industries Output Value in Heilongjiang Reclamation Area Based on Comprehensive Improvement GM(1,1) Model Click to Download
  26. Decision-making of Selectable Process Plans Based on Petri net with Manufacturing Constraints Click to Download
  27. Construction and Optimization on the Framework of Computer Linguistic Analysis based on the Natural Language Processing Click to Download
  28. Study on the Stability of Switched Systems based on Uncertain Nonlinear Time Delay Click to Download
  29. Study on the Three Dimensional Practical Teaching of Foreign-oriented Tourist Hotel Catering Management Click to Download
  30. A Comparative Study on the Content of Basic Art Education in China and Britain Based on the Big Data Platform Click to Download
  31. Empirical Analysis of Unabsorbed Slack Effect on Corporate Philanthropy based on Cloud Platform and Data Mining Click to Download
  32. Research on the E-business Platform of Agricultural Products and Rice Marketing Channel based on Network Big Data Click to Download
  33. Research on the Scale Management of Agriculture in Anhui based on the Network Data Mining Click to Download
  34. Research on the Influence Factors of Customer Online Shopping Satisfaction under B2C E-business Mode Click to Download
  35. Research on the Role of Cross Ownership on Excess Capacity Based on Game Analysis: a Government Regulation Perspective Click to Download
  36. Empirical Analysis of Income Difference between Peasant Laborer and Cities Inhabitant based on Econometric Model Click to Download
  37. The Application of Polygon Modeling Method in the Maya Persona Model Shaping Click to Download
  38. Study on Academic Development of SSCI Papers on Intercultural Communication from 2006-2015 based on Information Visualization Click to Download
  39. Research on the Relationship between Financial Agglomeration and Regional Economic Growth in the Context of Internet of Things and Data Analysis Click to Download
  40. A Novel Precise Poverty Alleviation System Based on High Dimensional Data Dimensionality Reduction and Feature Clustering Model Click to Download
  41. Research on the Walking Mechanism of Imitation Centipede based on Gait Simulation Click to Download
  42. Smart Home System Based on Zigbee Wireless Sensor Network Click to Download
  43. A Novel Coordination Model of Urbanization Speed and Quality based on Multidimensional Economic Data Click to Download
  44. Study on Using Experiential Teaching Mode in the University Civil Engineering Safety Course Click to Download
  45. Design of Ancient Architecture and Characteristic Analysis based on 3D Multimedia Simulation Click to Download
  46. Research on Intelligent Control of Engineering Project based on Case-based Reasoning Click to Download
  47. Research on the Engineering Project Cost Management and Cost Control based on Data Mining Method Click to Download
  48. Impact of the Internet on Retail Industry: Insights Into Consumer Choice of Multichannel Shopping Click to Download
  49. Research on the Recreational Landscape Design Paradigm from the Bionic Design and Topology Planning Perspectives Click to Download
  50. Intrusion Detection and Defense Algorithm Based on State-Extended Cellular Automata Model for the Internet Click to Download
  1. Denoising of ultrasound breast image using Improved Oriented Speckle Reducing Anisotropic diffusion Bilateral Filter(IADBF) Click to Download
  2. Anomaly detection based on Non-negative matrix factorization in stock market Click to Download
  3. Multimodal Biometric Authentication System based on Minutiae feature of Fingerprint and retina Click to Download
  4. Barriers for innovation detected in 400 colombian businesses, based on the innovation 'U' coefficient methodology Click to Download
  5. Thermogravimetric characteristics and kinetics of pyrolysis of coal blends Click to Download
  6. Aggregation study of asphaltenes from colombian Castilla crude oil using molecular simulation Click to Download
  7. Characterization and development of closed-form solutions for axle load spectra associated with trucks circulating the highways of Colombia Click to Download
  8. Transmission of visible light through mortars using fluorite as a fine aggregate Click to Download
  9. Energy absorption capacity of expanded metal meshes subjected to tensile loading Click to Download
  10. Virtual test bench as a complement to study thermal area: application in vapor compression systems Click to Download
  11. Drought and genetic programming to approach annual agriculture production normalized curves Click to Download
  12. An analysis of tools for automatic software development and automatic code generation Click to Download
  13. Requirements engineering based on knowledge: a comparative case study of the KMoS-RE strategy and the DMS process Click to Download
  14. A 360 Click to Download
  15. Assessment proposal of teaching and learning strategies in software process improvement Click to Download
  1. A matheuristic algorithm for the three-dimensional loading capacitated vehicle routing problem (3L-CVRP) Click to Download
  2. Assessment of postures and manual handling of loads at Southern Brazilian Foundries Click to Download
  3. Effect of different combinations of size and shape parameters in the percentage error of classification of structural elements in vegetal tissue of the pumpkin Cucurbita pepo L. using probabilistic neural networks Click to Download
  4. Pelletization of catalysts supported on activated carbon. A Case Study: clean synthesis of dimethyl carbonate from methanol and CO2 Click to Download
  5. Using factorial design to increase the efficiency on a small-scale ethanol distillation Click to Download
  6. Analysis of the quality of the welding process in the exchange of component of BGA technology Click to Download
  7. Colour evolution of the oxide layer formed on the Au-25Fe AND Au-24.5Fe-0.5Co alloys Click to Download
  8. Spectroscopic analysis of coal plasma emission produced by laser ablation Click to Download
  9. Biomechanical analysis of damaged intervertebral disc using reflective photoelasticity Click to Download
  10. A hybrid gateway discovery algorithm for supporting QoS communications in heterogeneous networks Click to Download
  11. Adjustable spatial resolution of compressive spectral images sensed by multispectral filter array-based sensors Click to Download
  12. Spectral-amplitude encoding CDMA system based on high-speed electronic encoder/decoder structures Click to Download
  13. Dynamic WDM-TDM access networks featuring wired-wireless convergence Click to Download
  14. Experimental study of water infiltration on an unsaturated soil-geosynthetic system Click to Download
  15. Behavior of turbidity, pH, alkalinity and color in Sin Click to Download
  16. Behavior of a warm mix asphalt using a chemical additive to foam the asphalt binder Click to Download
  1. Estimation of the neuromodulation parameters from the planned volume of tissue activated in deep brain stimulationEstimation of the neuromodulation parameters from the planned volume of tissue activated in deep brain stimulation Click to Download
  2. Applicability of semi-supervised learning assumptions for gene ontology terms prediction Click to Download
  3. Automatic segmentation of lizard spots using an active contour model Click to Download
  4. A Markov random field image segmentation model for lizard spots Click to Download
  5. An insight to the automatic categorization of speakers according to sex and its application to the detection of voice pathologies: A comparative study Click to Download
  6. Impact of the error sensing probability in wide coverage areas of clustered-based wireless sensor networks Click to Download
  7. Model-based maximum power point tracking for wind generators Click to Download
  8. On-line signature verification using Gaussian Mixture Models and small-sample learning strategies Click to Download
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  11. Determination of accident-prone road sections using quantile regression Click to Download
  12. Validation of a methodology to determine Benzene, Toluene, Ethylbenzene, and Xylenes concentration present in the air and adsorbed in activated charcoal passive samplers by GC/FID chromatography Click to Download
  13. Horizontal vortex single chamber hydroturbine Click to Download
  14. Effect of the use nickeliferous laterite and pumice as additives in the performance and durability of the Portland cement Click to Download
  15. Review of improving the water management for the informal gold mining in Colombia Click to Download
  16. Optimization for producing biodiesel from ethanol and waste frying oil with a high concentration of ester Click to Download
  17. Contrast enhancement by searching discriminant color projections in dermoscopy images Click to Download
  1. Picking Routing Problem with K homogenous material handling equipment for a refrigerated warehouse Click to Download
  2. The perception of colombians about science and technology according to their education level: professional and non-professional population Click to Download
  3. Raw materials for the ceramics industry from norte de santander. I. Mineralogical, chemical and physical characterization Click to Download
  4. Fabrication of chitosan/bioactive glass composite scaffolds for medical applications Click to Download
  5. Evaluation of alternative microbial transglutaminase production from sorghum grain and distilled dried grains with solubles using computational simulation Click to Download
  6. Blast densification: A proposed methodology to quantify the amount of densification required to prevent liquefaction and flow in sandy soils Click to Download
  7. Nitrogen and cod removal from tannery wastewater using biological and physicochemical treatments Click to Download
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