ISSN: 0254-0770



Volume 31, Issue 2 (August 2008)

  1. Energy conversion and storage based on hydrogen. State of art and strategized proposals in Mercosur, M.E. Martins, H.A. Peretti, E. Spinadel, C.F. Zinola y A. Visintin Click to Download
  2. Development in Venezuela of energy system based in the hydrogen. Part III: Transport and distribution, Fausto Posso Click to Download
  3. The effect of the combustion model on the prediction of temperature and pressure fields in an anular combustor, Gilberto Materano, Carlos Araujo, Numa M Click to Download
  4. Computer model to predict drillstring lateral vibration modes and frequencies using the finite-element-method and modal analysis, David Bukowitz, Joaqu Click to Download
  5. Moistening factor effect on the determination of viscosities for crude oil-solvent mixtures, Laurent Urdaneta, Karina Mart Click to Download
  6. Modeling and simulation of a triple effect evaporator for the concentration of natural juices, Belkis Avalo y Alfredo Varela Click to Download
  7. Determination of caffeine in coffee by means Fourier transform infrared spectrometry, M Click to Download
  8. Behavior of organic fraction in water separated from extracted crude oil with anaerobic digestion, Nancy Rinc Click to Download
  9. Analysis geostatistics of earthquake-proof parameters and of construction in a road sector of high vertical growing, Jos Click to Download
  10. Direct torque control of induction machines with current limitation and ripple reduction using fuzzy logic, Marcel Ortega, Jos Click to Download