ISSN: 0254-0770



Volume 38, Issue 3 (December 2015)

  1. On Formatting Transcriptions of Romanian Speech Click to Download
  2. Mechanical properties analysis of sealing disc for straight plate pig during pigging Click to Download
  3. Optical fiber structures that improve sun-light radiation collection for interior illumination Click to Download
  4. Location of emergency access points in rail tunnel: a proposal for New Centre Project in the city of Maring Click to Download
  5. Model test and numerical analysis on intake design of a forced lateral water diversion pump station Click to Download
  6. Mechanical, thermal and microstructural analysis of laminated composites with red mud and mauve fibers Click to Download
  7. Power quality improvement for grid connected photo voltaic system using asymmetrical multilevel inverter Click to Download
  8. A Novel Approach for Mining Similarity Profiled Temporal Association Patterns Click to Download
  9. Performance assessment of distributed generation technologies in radial distribution system Click to Download
  10. Ant colony algorithm to optimize cutting conditions and selective assembly to improve assembly precision Click to Download
  11. Study of Optimal Governor Regulating quantity on Genetic Algorithm Click to Download
  12. Factors Influencing Sustainable Construction among Construction Firms in Malaysia: A Preliminary Study using PLS-SEM Click to Download
  13. A Partial Least Square Structural Equation Modeling (PLS SEM) Preliminary Analysis on Organizational Internal and External Factors Influencing Effective Construction Risk Management among Nigerian Construction Industries Click to Download
  14. Experimental investigation on mechanical properties of micro and nano size Al2O3 particle reinforced extruded composites Click to Download