ISSN: 0254-0770



Volume 39, Issue 1 (January 2016)

  1. Global Feedback Self-Programmable Cellular Automaton Random Number Generator Click to Download
  2. Influence of aging temperature on mechanical properties and thermal expansion of aluminium hybrid composite Click to Download
  3. Chaotic Synchronization Signal Shape Alteration as Seen by a Higher-Order Sliding-Mode Observer Click to Download
  4. An Approach in Power Quality Enhancement Using DVR for Three Phase Induction Motor Drive Click to Download
  5. Pore pressure test for fiber-reinforced self-consolidating concrete exposed to high temperature Click to Download
  6. Investigations and optimization for hard milling process parameters using hybrid method of RSM and NSGA-II Click to Download
  7. Tensile Properties Improvement on Friction Stir Welded Age-Hardenable Aluminum Alloys: An Evolutionary Approach using RSM based GA and SA Click to Download
  8. Machine parts recognition and defect detection in automated assembly systems using computer vision techniques Click to Download
  9. Integration and investigation of SSSC-SMES performance for active power enhancement by ORPD Click to Download
  10. Moderating Effect of Government Policy on the Relationship between Organizational structure and Construction Waste Management Click to Download
  11. Performance evaluation of major risk factors affecting construction projects Click to Download
  12. ISNR measure on deblurred blind images using Weiner filter Click to Download
  13. Intelligent robot with aspect based sentiment analysis Click to Download
  14. Achieving Quality Assurance through Total Quality Management (TQM) Practices in SMEs Click to Download
  15. A non isolated bidirectional DC-DC converter with LCD snubber Click to Download
  16. Flow visualization, heat transfer behavior and thermal performance improvement in a circular tube heat exchanger with modified delta winglet turbulators Click to Download
  17. Study of Friction Stir Spot Welding Process and its Parameters for Increasing Strength of Dissimilar Joints Click to Download
  18. Applications of geometric function theory related to mechanical systems Click to Download
  19. Ontological based interoperability and integration framework for heterogeneous weather systems Click to Download
  20. Optimized semantic based multiple web search engine with anti-phishing technique Click to Download
  21. Thermal Stability and Degradation behavior of Fibre Metal Mesh Laminate Composites by Thermo Gravimetric Analysis Click to Download
  22. Study on the shear behaviour of ferrocement hollow beams Click to Download
  23. The optimal hall sensor Click to Download
  24. An approach of a Face Analysis Process to determine the age of persons in Digital Imaging Click to Download
  25. An Efficient Approach to find Similar Temporal Association Patterns Performing Only Single Database Scan Click to Download
  26. Semi-active Fuzzy Control of the Magneto-rheological Damping Device for CNC Lathe Click to Download
  27. Reduction of scour around circular piers Click to Download
  28. Edge Chromatic Number on Some Equal Degree Graph Click to Download
  29. A Multi-cup Uniform Flux Gas Anchor and Its Degassing Efficiency Click to Download
  30. A Feature Selection Method for CBIR Mammography CAD Click to Download
  31. Intelligent Recognition Model for Music Emotion Click to Download
  32. Product Species Form DesignBasedon MCF Gene Click to Download
  33. Breast Mass Segmentation in Mammographic Images Based on Gmac Model using Variational Level Set Method Click to Download
  34. An Extension Method of Identifying Core Capabilities of Service-oriented Manufacturing Enterprises Click to Download
  35. Coarse-to-Fine: Cascade Regressors in Pedestrian Detection Click to Download
  36. Evaluation of Network Security Based on Neural Network Click to Download
  37. Parameter Estimation for Defocus Blurred Image Based on Polar Transformation Click to Download
  38. Chaotic Time Series Prediction Based on RBF Neural Network Click to Download
  39. Comparison ofVarious Body Contact MOSFETs on Single Event Transients in 130 nm Partially Depleted SOI Process Click to Download
  40. Performance Evaluation of Food Traceability System Using Fuzzy Comprehensive Method Click to Download
  41. Face Detection and Recognition Based on an Improved Adaboost Algorithm and Neural Network Click to Download
  42. Modeling flow in pipes to detect and locate leaks using a state observer approach Click to Download
  43. Diversity Capacity of Multiple Input Multiple Output Wireless Networks with Cooperative Transmissions Click to Download
  44. Nonlinear Analysis of Steel-Concrete Composite Deck Considering Interfacial Slip and Uplift Click to Download
  45. Using statistical techniques to evaluate the surface roughness in 316LVM stainless steel probe subjected to comparative abrasive wear Click to Download
  46. Image Fusion Based on Curvelet Transform and Principal Component Analysis Click to Download
  47. Corrosive aggressiveness of water production due to the SRB and CO2 Click to Download
  48. An Evolutionary Computation Based on Immune Operation for Constraint Optimization Problems Click to Download
  49. Growth of Pleurotus ostreatus on non-supplemented agro-industrial wastes Click to Download
  50. Pallet of Weighing Sensor Error Calibration Device FEM Analysis and Optimization Click to Download