ISSN: 0254-0770



Volume 39, Issue 2 (February 2016)

  1. Control of robot arm by using reference arm and LabVIEW Click to Download
  2. Reliability Evaluation of Distribution Network with Different Distributed Generators Click to Download
  3. Vulnerability Evaluation Model for Wireless Networks Based on Conflict Graph Click to Download
  4. Prostate Biopsy Strategy Modeling by Clinical Data Click to Download
  5. Construction Algorithm for Mobile Social Networking with Core of Credibility Click to Download
  6. Underwater Target Location Modeland Error Analysis Click to Download
  7. Influence of Permanent Magnet Type Retarder on Vehicle Braking Force Utilization Click to Download
  8. Optimized Purchase Decisions towards Low Carbon Supply Chain Click to Download
  9. A Time Sequence Encoding Algorithm Based on Dimension Reduction Click to Download
  10. ERP System Gray-Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation Based on Balanced Scorecard Method Click to Download
  11. Urban Transport Structure Evolution Mechanism and Optimization Strategy Click to Download
  12. Segmentation of Somatic Cells Based on Cloud Model Click to Download
  13. Forming Simulation and Influencing Factors Analysis of Hot Stamping Steel Sheet Click to Download
  14. Test Suite Minimization Based on Improved Artificial Fish Swarm Algorithm Click to Download
  15. Multi-objective FJSP Problem Based on Hybrid Genetic Tabu Algorithm Click to Download
  16. An Audio Attention Computational Model Based on Spatial Cues Gradient Click to Download
  17. Application of Wavelet Neural Network PID for Maximum Power Point Tracking in Wind Power System Click to Download
  18. Applications of Compliant Actuators to Wearing Robotics for Lower Extremity Click to Download
  19. Analysis of Urban-Rural Integration Path Based on PSO Algorithm Click to Download
  20. Prediction-Based Geographic Routing over VANETs Click to Download
  21. Face Recognition Based on Parallax Information Assisted Technology Click to Download
  22. A Novel Similarity Measure for Intrusion Detection using Gaussian Function Click to Download
  23. A Novel Approach for Imputation of Missing Attribute Values for Efficient Mining of Medical Datasets Click to Download
  24. Image Recognition Based on Integration of Blur and Affine Invariants of Radial Krawtchouk Moment Click to Download
  25. Pessimistic Multi-Granulation Rough Set in Incomplete Information System Click to Download
  26. Integer PointsonElliptic Curve Click to Download
  27. An Adaptive Chaotic Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm Based on Logistic Mapping Click to Download
  28. Object Recognition Based on Descriptor of Improved Histograms of Second-Order Gradients Click to Download
  29. Character Recognition using Artificial Bee ColonyAlgorithm Click to Download
  30. Image Segmentation Based on Adaptive Inertia Weight Particle Swarm Optimization Click to Download
  31. Adaptive Multi-feature Fused Particle Filtering Algorithm in Moving Target Tracking Model Click to Download
  32. Diffusion Wear of Al2O3 Ceramic Tools when Cutting Materials Based on Thermodynamics Solubility Click to Download
  33. An Integrated Framework for Implicit and Non-LinearReliability ComputationBased on Kriging Model Click to Download
  34. Paper-cut Image Matching Algorithm Based on Geometric Hashing Click to Download
  35. Prediction of Concrete Dam Crack Based on Stochastic Artificial Intelligence Technology Click to Download
  36. A Utility-Driven Scheduling Algorithms in Cloud Computing Click to Download
  37. Error Analysis of Machining Model with Boundary for NC Machining of Catmull-Clark Subdivision Surface Click to Download
  38. Dynamic Property Analysis of Large Aqueduct Based on FEM and Additional Mass Method Click to Download
  39. Influence of IT/IS on Green Innovation Click to Download
  40. Stream Discharge Analysis Model Based on Fuzzy Clustering Iterative Method Click to Download
  41. Wavelet and ANFIS Combination Model for Groundwater Level Forecasting Click to Download
  42. Two-dimensional Model for Outfall Water Quality Forecasting of Sewage Treatment Plant Click to Download
  43. An Improved ZigBee Routing Algorithm Click to Download
  44. Modeling and Simulation of PV Based MPPT Algorithm by Different Method using Boost Converter Click to Download
  45. Optimization of Feed-Forward Neural Network with Evolutionary Computation Click to Download
  46. Internal Control Evaluation System of Manufacturing Enterprises Click to Download
  47. Line Selection for Single-Phase Ground Fault Based on Grey Relation Analysis in Small Current Grounding System Click to Download
  48. Image Denoising Algorithm Basedon Wavelet Threshold Function Click to Download
  49. Object Detection Using Local Contour and Global Structure Features Click to Download
  50. Facial Expression Recognition Using Deep Belief Network Click to Download