ISSN: 0254-0770



Volume 39, Issue 3 (March 2016)

  1. Adaptive Fractional Order Differential Image Enhancement Algorithm Based on Image Complexity Click to Download
  2. Micro-blog Personalized Query Expansion Based on Latent Topic Classification Click to Download
  3. Multi-Objective Optimization Algorithm Based on Improved Harmony Search for Wireless Sensor Network Click to Download
  4. An Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm Based on Hybrid Strategy Click to Download
  5. Coefficient Numerical Inversion of Temperature Model with Hot-Pressing of Fiberboard Click to Download
  6. A Niched Cartesian Genetic Programming for Evolvable Hardware Click to Download
  7. Semi-discretization Algorithm for Option Pricing in CEV Jump-diffusion Model Click to Download
  8. Security Analysis of a Mutual-Authentication Cryptographic Protocol Based on Strand Space Model Theory Click to Download
  9. Distributed Clustering Algorithm for Privacy-Preserving Based on Random Projection Click to Download
  10. Domain Concept Extraction Based on Ontology Learning Click to Download
  11. Application of Multi-Wavelet Analysis in Image Compression Click to Download
  12. A Dynamic K Value Method of Massive Data Reduction Based on Improved LLE Algorithm Click to Download
  13. Common Characteristics Analysis of International Advanced Enterprises Fundamental Prospective Based on Clustering Evolution Analysis Click to Download
  14. Measuring System for Outline Dimension of Vehicle Based on ARM11 Click to Download
  15. Multi-parameters Optimization Model Based on Local Searching Optimization Shuffled Frog-leaping Algorithm Click to Download
  16. A Quantitative Analysis Method of Model Reliability Click to Download
  17. A Random Walk Model for Chinese Chess Game Playing Click to Download
  18. Image matching Under Varying Illumination Using Uniform Symmetric-Local Binary Pattern Click to Download
  19. Algorithm for the Extraction of the Features of Squamous Carcinoma Cells Based on MEFMs Click to Download
  20. Collaborative Filtering Algorithm for Employment Based on Employment Behavior Click to Download
  21. Application of Self-adaptive Immune Differential Algorithm in Multimodal Function Optimization Problem Click to Download
  22. Optimal Path Algorithm Based on Complex Network Click to Download
  23. Infrared and Visible Image Fusion using Multiscale Top-Hat Transform and Modified Adaptive Dual-Channel PCNN Click to Download
  24. Electronic Trade Model Based on Cloud Computing Click to Download
  25. FDFD-based Analysis of Boeing 767 Bistatic Radar Cross-section Click to Download
  26. Investigation on Porous Materials for Cesium Beam Frequency Standard in Space Environment Click to Download
  27. A Framework of Controller with Flow Table Cache and Performance Analysis in Software Defined Industrial Networks Click to Download
  28. Analysis of Two-dimensional Information Decoding Algorithm for Reducing Security Gap of LDPC Code Click to Download
  29. Distributed Collaborative Simulation Ontology Meta Model Transformation Method and Integrated Hybrid Algorithms Click to Download
  30. Evolvement Procession of Innovation networks for Strategic Emerging Industries: Based on Life Cycle Curve and Social Network Method Click to Download
  31. Reliability Assessment Algorithm of Rural Power Network Based on Bayesian Network Click to Download
  32. Equalization of Urban-Rural Basic Public Services Based on SOM Integrated Orthogonal Simulation Click to Download
  33. Adaptive Fuzzy Sliding Mode Control Based on a DEAP Flexible Actuator Click to Download
  34. Matrix Method for Computing Approximations in Variable Consistency Dominance-Based Rough Set Approach Click to Download
  35. Distributed Collaborative Simulation Control Model Based on Pertri Net Click to Download
  36. Multi-objective Optimization Model of Nutritional Ingredients for Poultry Based on Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm Click to Download
  37. Analysis on the Origins of Instability in Dissipative Structure Click to Download
  38. Complex Terrain Discriminant Model Based on GPS Positioning Algorithm with Coverage Optimization Click to Download
  39. Anti-dumping Prediction Model of International Trade Based on Classification Tree Click to Download
  40. Power Transformer Fault Diagnosis Based on the SOM Network Combined with the BP Neural Network Click to Download
  41. Network Stability of Feature Extraction Based on Improved Wavelet Function Click to Download
  42. Defensive Driving Behavior Cognitive Model Based on Agent Theory Click to Download
  43. Application of ANSYS on Screw Type Air Compressor Structure System in Dynamic Optimization Click to Download
  44. Mixed Dual Band Digital Predistortion Model Based on DDR Click to Download
  45. Application of Grey Relational Decision-Making on Determination of Ship Collision Risk Degree Click to Download
  46. Simulation of Indexes Influencing Import and Export Trade Based On the Principal Component Model Click to Download
  47. A License Plate Recognition Method Based on Improved Artificial Neural Network Click to Download
  48. Feature Extraction of Typical Vegetation Based on Rapid Eye Images Click to Download
  49. Influence of the Lower Plenum Design in Pressurized Water Reactor on Fuel Performance Click to Download
  50. Parametric Modeling of Cutting Head in A Road Header Machine based on Nurbs in OpenGL Click to Download