ISSN: 0254-0770



Volume 39, Issue 4 (April 2016)

  1. ATM Abnormal Human Behavior Detection Model Based on State-Dependent Judgement Optimization HMM Algorithm Click to Download
  2. Groundwater Dynamic Prediction Model for Mining Area Based on Hybrid Soft Computing Click to Download
  3. An improved DMTS algorithm for wireless sensor networks Click to Download
  4. An Image Enhancement Method Based on Improved Fuzzy Set Click to Download
  5. Analysis of Dynamic Response of Solenoid Valve Based on AMESim Simulation Click to Download
  6. Hybrid Frequency Domain Image Denoising of G-C Transform Click to Download
  7. Analysis on the Financing Efficiency of Small and Medium Enterprises in the National Equities Exchange and Quotations Market on the Basis of Data Envelopment Model Click to Download
  8. Modeling and Collaborative Simulation Model Library for Performance Prototype Click to Download
  9. Cooperative Service Contract for Tour-Guides Service Outsourcing Under Dual Principle-Agent Click to Download
  10. Commodity Dynamic Pricing and Inventory Joint Decision-Making Model Based on Specific Power Demand Function Click to Download
  11. Dynamic Evolution of Global Economic Pattern Based on Grey System Click to Download
  12. Energy-saving Scheme of Cluster-based Embedded Web Server Click to Download
  13. Tournament Selection in Zeroth-Level Classifier Systems Based On Average Reward Reinforcement Learning Click to Download
  14. Evaluation Function Optimization of A-Star Algorithm in Optimal Path Selection Click to Download
  15. Engineering Refinement Checking Algorithm Based on Simulation Relations Click to Download
  16. Parameters Evaluation of Ant Colony Algorithm based on TSP Click to Download
  17. A Resource-tag Attribute Graph Clustering Algorithm Click to Download
  18. Modeling and Optimizing Location Selection of Urban-ruralLogisticsCenter Based on SCP-PCA under E-commerce Environment Click to Download
  19. Humanoid Robot Slope Gait Planning Based on Zero Moment Point Principle Click to Download
  20. Smart Home Wireless Alarm System Based on 2.4G Nrf24l01 Wireless Networks Click to Download
  21. TCP Performance of Multi-Hop Hybrid Networks in Wind Power Generation Click to Download
  22. A KMC-Based Multi-Scale Evolution Simulation Method of Dust in Virtual Campus Click to Download
  23. Integrated Model of Technological Development Strategy Decision Making in Power Grid Companies Based on SWOT and AHP_VIKOR Click to Download
  24. Date Mining Model Based on Association Rules Algorithm Click to Download
  25. Three Dimensional Retrieval Method Based on the Deep Convolutional Neural Networks Click to Download
  26. Motion Trajectory Aggregation Model of Playing Field Based on Spatial Temporal Features Click to Download
  27. Parameter Identification Method for Lithium-Ion Battery Model with Multi Frequency AC Signal Injection Click to Download
  28. Electronic Word of Mouth Model Based on Social Complex Network Click to Download
  29. Information Visualization Analysis of Human-computer Interaction Interface Click to Download
  30. Multipath Routing Algorithm for Video Stream Transmission Based on Clustering Theory Click to Download
  31. Image Retrieval Algorithm Based on Figure Feature and SIFT Feature Click to Download
  32. Filtering Algorithms for Image Processing in Embedded Real-time Systems Click to Download
  33. Adaptive Distributed Enterprise Network Management Model Based on Physical Topology Click to Download
  34. Parameters and Relative Effective Frontier of Data Envelopment Analysis Method with the Instance of Resource Allocation Evaluation Click to Download
  35. Identification of Driving links and Determination the Mechanism Click to Download
  36. Emotion Model Based on Multi Factor Matrix Click to Download
  37. Petri Nets Model Based on Matrix Operation Click to Download
  38. Environmental Art Design Entity Matching Method Based on the Outlier Detection Click to Download
  39. Image Segmentation Algorithm Based on Adaptive Particle Swarm Optimization Click to Download
  40. A Power Steering Control Model of PID Parameters with Colony Optimization Selection Click to Download
  41. Heuristic Reduction Algorithm Applied in Intrusion Detection Click to Download
  42. Collaborative Mining Method for Location Big Data of Outdoor Activities Click to Download
  43. Dynamic Simulation Analysis on EUA and CER Futures Prices at Two Phases of European Union Emission Trading Scheme Click to Download
  44. Continuous kNN Queries in Dynamic Road Networks Click to Download
  45. Topology Discovery Method of Wireless Sensor Network Based on Graph Theory Click to Download
  46. Grey Vector Model Based on Residual Error Correction and Its Application in Financial Risk Prediction Click to Download
  47. Investment Portfolio Selection Model Based on Typical Transaction Cost Click to Download
  48. High-Voltage Circuit-Breaker Fault Diagnosis Based on Mechanical Vibration Signals Click to Download
  49. Effects of Post-welding Heat Treatment of TIG Welding Joint of Al-Zn-Mg Alloy Click to Download
  50. Interfacial Behavior of Steel-Concrete Composite Deck by Fiber Bragg Grating Sensors Click to Download