ISSN: 0254-0770



Volume 39, Issue 5 (May 2016)

  1. High Precision Microseismic Source Localization Algorithm Click to Download
  2. Predicting Hot Spots in Protein Interfaces Based on Feature Selection using Mrmr Combining with SVM Forward Click to Download
  3. Optimization of Global Convergence Based on Genetic Algorithm for Solving Shortest Emergency Route Click to Download
  4. Integrated Pressure Sensor with Digital Output Click to Download
  5. Empirical Analysis of Interface Integration Management Effect during Enterprise Technological Innovation Click to Download
  6. Intelligent Design of Baby Stroller for Personalization Production Mode Click to Download
  7. Infrastructure for Full Enumeration of the Problem Implemented by nSteps Click to Download
  8. Automated Negotiation Based on Proactive Information for Agent Community Click to Download
  9. Initial Value Sensitivity Optimization of PCM Algorithm in Engine Results Ranking Click to Download
  10. Analysis of Influencing Factors for Grain Yield Click to Download
  11. Intelligent Home Control System Based on ZigBee Technology Click to Download
  12. Application of Nonparametric Model to Measure Productivity of Dairy Industry Cluster Click to Download
  13. Composition and Verification of Web Service Based on Shared Resources Click to Download
  14. Dynamic Analysis and Simulation on Planetary Gear Transmission of Corn Harvester Click to Download
  15. Gait Design and Simulated Analysis of Quadruped Robot Click to Download
  16. Model and Simulation of Interaction Relationship between Forest Carbon Sinks and Economic Growth Click to Download
  17. An Improved CHI Feature Selection Method for Chinese Text Classification Click to Download
  18. An Adaptive Centric Gravitational Search Algorithm for Complex Function Optimization Click to Download
  19. Centralized Explain Items Semantic Method and Its Application Click to Download
  20. Complex Product System Risk Assessment Model Based on Bayesian Algorithm Optimized By Task Decomposition Click to Download
  21. Logistics Distribution Center Site Selection Based on Domain Mean Value Optimization PSO Algorithm Click to Download
  22. Statistical Data Combined Forecasting Model Based on Optimal Estimation of Error Value Click to Download
  23. I4Ocean: An Interactive Simulation and Scientific Visualization Platform for Marine Application Click to Download
  24. Constitutive Model of Stress Path and Primary Anisotropy in Unloading Conditions Click to Download
  25. Automatic Color Match for Planar Graphics Click to Download
  26. Comprehensive Evaluation of the Dissemination Way for Traditional Culture Based on the Fuzzy Number and the Entropy TOPSIS Click to Download
  27. Tracking Model of Moving Target Based on KNN - SVM Click to Download
  28. Aero-engine Compressor Performance Analysis Based on Deterioration Impact Click to Download
  29. An Image Restoration Method Based on Improved Transient Chaotic Hopfield Click to Download
  30. Motion Blurred Image Restoration Based on Improved Genetic Algorithm Click to Download
  31. Recommendation in Web Search Using Similar Query Mining with Big Data Click to Download
  32. A Note on Mean Value of Two-term Exponential Sums Click to Download
  33. Video Key Frame Extracting Scheme Based on Layered Optimizing SVM Algorithm Click to Download
  34. Contour Tracing in Feature Extraction of Aggregate Particles Click to Download
  35. Time Series Forecasting Model Based on SVM with Error Correction of Selected Parameter Click to Download
  36. An Encryption Scheme for Spatial Map Data Based on Optimized RSA Algorithm Click to Download
  37. Analysis and Verification of Land Surface Temperature Retrieval from HJ Satellite Click to Download
  38. An Improved Median Filtering Image De-noising Algorithm Click to Download
  39. Optimized Moving Body Behavior Recognition Model Based on Multi Texture Gradient Feature Click to Download
  40. Enterprise Performance Evaluation Model Based on DEA Algorithm with Decision Making Unit Click to Download
  41. An Accurate Data Collected Model in Air Conditioning Energy Saving Control Click to Download
  42. Spanning Large Graphs by Combining Work-stealing with Multiple Parallel Granularities on GPU Click to Download
  43. Evaluation System of Wisdom City Based on Optimized ANN Algorithm with Rough Set Click to Download
  44. Evaluation and Predication of Groundwater QualityBased on Fuzzy Model and BP Neural Networks Click to Download
  45. Parameter Controlling and Adjusting Strategy of Differential Evolution Algorithm Click to Download
  46. Load-Balanced Clustering Strategy for Wireless Sensor Networks with Transmit-only Nodes Click to Download
  47. Nonlinear Simulation Analysis on Resistant-Lateral Stiffness and Structure Torsion Effect of Asymmetric Arrangement R.C. Frame-Shear Structure Click to Download
  48. Attribute-Based Threshold Key-Insulated Signature Click to Download
  49. Traffic Strategies of Multiple MNOs: A Quantization Approach Click to Download
  50. A High Resolution Image Encryption Algorithm Based on IWT and Chaotic Mapping Click to Download