ISSN: 0254-0770



Volume 39, Issue 6 (June 2016)

  1. Mathematical optimization model for Equivalent Noise Level Click to Download
  2. Design of Heuristic Algorithm for Non-linear System Click to Download
  3. A Feature Extraction Algorithm of Affine Invariant based on Region Partition Click to Download
  4. A Model to Calculate Collapse Pressure of A Horizontal Coal Well Based on 3D Constitutive Element Method Click to Download
  5. Automatic Building of ER and Data Flow Graph: A Business Process-based Approach Click to Download
  6. Contribution of Rayleigh Damping Parameters to Site Response under Influence of Rayleigh Wave Click to Download
  7. Real Estate Price Prediction Model Based on Dynamic Neural Network Click to Download
  8. Photovoltaic Power Generation Low-Voltage Side Grid Connection Optimization Based on Active Power Adjustment Click to Download
  9. Market Demand Prediction Model Based on Momentum Factor Optimization BP Algorithm Click to Download
  10. Key Factors Mining Method Based on AHP-FCE and Genetic Algorithm Click to Download
  11. Applying the Network Flow Programming to Cropping Plan Decision for FSC with Time Flexibility Click to Download
  12. Optimized PIDNN Intelligent Control Algorithm Based on Dynamic Excitation Function Click to Download
  13. Engine Wear State Recognition Based on Image Analysis and Genetic Algorithm Click to Download
  14. A Scalable Variable Bit Rate Audio Codec Based on Audio Attention Analysis Click to Download
  15. Prediction of Burden Descent Speed Based on Improved Extreme Learning Machine Click to Download
  16. Front Vehicle Recognition Based on Automotive Vision Click to Download
  17. Grouted Sleeve Lapping Connector and Component Performance Tests Click to Download
  18. Dynamic Characteristic of Subgrade in Da-Qin Heavy Haul Railway Click to Download
  19. Optimal Purchase Distribution and Risk Assessment of Power Supply Enterprises Based on Portfolio Optimization Click to Download
  20. A Searchless Fractal Image Compression Algorithm Basedon Wavelet Transform Click to Download
  21. Influence of Semantics and Knowledge Quantity on Operational Efficiency of Human-machine Interface Click to Download
  22. Decision Tree Algorithm Based on OLAP Multidimensional Data Set System Click to Download
  23. Analysis of the Response of Microstrip Line in Shielding Cavity by Electromagnetic Topological Approach Click to Download
  24. Supply Chain Performance Evaluation Model Based on Unascertained Clustering Click to Download
  25. Human Behavior Identifying Model Based on Adaptive Spatiotemporal Feature Optimization Click to Download
  26. Seismic Behavior of Precast Shear Walls with Vertical Reinforcements Overlap Grouted in Constraint Sleeve Click to Download
  27. Mobile Positioning and Navigation Model Based on Searching Space Optimization Dijkstra Algorithm Click to Download
  28. Design of Low Power and Area Efficient ESPFFIR FilterUsing Multiple Constant Multiplier Click to Download
  29. An Erasable Watermarking Scheme Based on Text Exact Authentication Click to Download
  30. Robust Controller Design Based on L1 Adaptive Control Method Click to Download
  31. Mathematical Models for Optimization Problem in Flowshop Scheduling Click to Download
  32. Automatic Metal Drum Opening-sealing Device Prototype for Nuclear Power Plant Click to Download
  33. A Risk Prewarning Model for OBS Activities Based on the Risk Recognition Click to Download
  34. Spray Atomization Characteristics of the Biodiesel of Different Blending Ratio Click to Download
  35. Multi-Infrared Sensors Data Fusion Algorithm on Four Unit Photoelectric Sensors Detection System Click to Download
  36. Extraction of Visual Evoked Potentials Based on Wavelet Packet and Wavelet Neural Network Click to Download
  37. Efficient K-Means Clustering Algorithm in Web Log Mining Click to Download
  38. Performance Evaluation of Intelligent Distribution Network Based on Big Data and Cloud Computing Click to Download
  39. Bearing Strength in Mechanical Joint of Marine FRP and Steel Plate Click to Download
  40. Corporate Credit Rating Evaluation Based on Community Detection of Genetic Algorithm Click to Download
  41. An Improved Image Clearness Algorithm Click to Download
  42. Pedestrian Detection under Low Illumination Environment Click to Download
  43. A Fast Converge Dual-Mode Modified Constant Norm Blind Equalization Algorithm Click to Download
  44. SIMO/FSO System using QAM over Gamma Exponential Atmospheric Turbulence Channel Click to Download
  45. Compressed Image Authentication using CDMA Watermarking and EMRC6 Encryption Click to Download
  46. An Adaptive Algorithm for Weak Signal Acquisition under Near-far Effect Click to Download
  47. Video Compression Algorithm Based onMathematical Morphology Click to Download
  48. Robust Adaptive Beamforming with Null Broadening Click to Download
  49. Image Fusion using An Improved Dual-channel PCNN and Block-based Random Image Sampling Click to Download
  50. Dynamic Simulation of Wellbore Pressure Based on Stripping-in Process in Drilling Simulator Click to Download