ISSN: 0254-0770



Volume 39, Issue 8 (August 2016)

  1. Corrosion Behaviour of Heat Treated 1060 Aluminium in Dilute Acid Solutions Click to Download
  2. Dwindling of Electrical Energy Consumption in Steel Industries using Digital Camera Click to Download
  3. Optimal Sliding Surface Design for a MIMO Distillation System Click to Download
  4. FPGA based Network Intrusion Detection System Click to Download
  5. Nine Factors for Competitiveness of Construction Companies In Asian Region Click to Download
  6. Interaction Design Principles for Edutainment Systems: Enhancing the Communication Skills of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders Click to Download
  7. Analysis and Design of Defected-Based Cells for Microwave Filters Click to Download
  8. Mechanical Properties Analysis of Deck Cracking on Prestressed Concrete Bridge Click to Download
  9. Vibration Signal Denoising Based on Wiener Filter in Wavelet Domain Click to Download
  10. Signal to Noise Ratio Calculation Model in Radar Detection System Click to Download
  11. Magnetic Controlled Variable Diameter Nozzle for Wood Powder 3D Printer Click to Download
  12. Application of Optimal Scale Regression Model to Sift Factors of Dairy Products Quality Safety Trust Click to Download
  13. Optimizing Train Connection Plan Based Method of Passenger Flow Assignment Click to Download
  14. Simulation of Welding Distortion under Pre-stress Based on Cylinder Longitudinal Weld Click to Download
  15. Seismic Response Analysis of Large Span Steel Structures Based on FEM Click to Download
  16. Content-Addressable Memory based on SelectRAM Block Resource Used for Router Testing Click to Download
  17. Modified Non-local Means Filter for Color Image Denoising Click to Download
  18. Large Scale Crowd Gathering Activities Network Attention Information Entropy Computation Click to Download
  19. Generalized Entropy Optimization Model Applied to Investment Decision Based on Investor Sentiment Click to Download
  20. Transfer Transmission Performance of Differential Multi-pulse Position Modulation in Optical Communication Click to Download
  21. Image Compression Method Based on Biorthogonal Balanced Multi-wavelet Click to Download
  22. Image Enhancement Method Based on Variable Fuzzy Sets Click to Download
  23. CBIR: Primary Collection of Relevant Image Selection using Rule Based Boolean Query Click to Download
  24. Effects of Inclined Magnetic Field on Peristaltic Flow of a Hyperbolic Tangent Fluid Model with Double-Diffusive Convection in Nanofluids Click to Download
  25. Image Edge Detection Algorithm based on GM(1,1,C) Click to Download
  26. Management Efficiency Evaluation Model of Differential Optimized High-dimensional Index Click to Download
  27. Multi-target Acoustic Localization Algorithm Based on Time-Frequency Transform Click to Download
  28. Simulation and Optimization of Filled Support Based on ANSYS & AMEsim Click to Download
  29. Construction Monitoring of Concrete Filled Steel Tube Arch Bridge with Large Span Click to Download
  30. Near-Forecasting Spatio-Temporal Data Processing Based on Cloud Computing Architecture Click to Download
  31. Application of Back-Propagation Neutral Network in Assets Responsibility Audit Evaluation Click to Download
  32. An Adaptive Image De-noising Algorithm Based on Edge Preservation Click to Download
  33. Outdoor Motion Positioning Based on Collaborative Relation Aerial Image Click to Download
  34. Multi-Source Information Decision Model for Internet of Things Click to Download
  35. Detection and Defense Strategy of Wormhole Attack in WSN Click to Download
  36. Personalized Recommendation Algorithm Based on Trust Click to Download
  37. Transfer Transformation Performance of Region Science and Technology Achievements Based on Fuzzy Borda Number and Comprehensive Assessment Method Click to Download
  38. Image Segmentation Based on Neural Network of Gradient Particle Swarm Optimization Click to Download
  39. Position Mining Algorithm Based on Massive Trajectory Data Click to Download
  40. 3D Image Enhancement Model for Large-scale Scene Based on Improved Retinex Algorithm Click to Download
  41. Simulation Optimization on the Identification of Competitive Strategy Click to Download
  42. Numerical Calculation of Induction Logging Response in Cased Hole Click to Download
  43. Self-adaptive Bacterial Foraging Optimization Algorithm Based On Evolution Strategies Click to Download
  44. An Analysis of Bursting Oscillations and Its Experimental Confirmation Click to Download
  45. Collaborative Confrontation Strategy Based on Acoustic Sensor Detection Click to Download
  46. Adjusted Value Finding Algorithm Based on Landscape Planning Data Click to Download
  47. Singular Detection Based Spectrum Sensing for Cognitive Radios Click to Download
  48. Investigation of Dynamic Inter-frame Image Compression Algorithm Based on Mathematical Morphology Click to Download
  49. An Improved Task Scheduling Algorithm of NSGA-II for Wireless Ad Hoc Networks Click to Download
  50. Lognormal Distribution Clutter Modeling Based on ZMNL Principle Click to Download