ISSN: 0254-0770



Volume 39, Issue 9 (September 2016)

  1. Impact of Serious Game Towards Foreign Worker in Safety Induction Course in Malaysian Construction Industry Click to Download
  2. Structural Dynamic Analysis of Vertical Bars of Turbine Protection Trashracks of Hydroelectric Plant Click to Download
  3. A Barriers and Challenging Criteria of IBS Formwork: A Current Scenario Amongs Stakeholder Click to Download
  4. An Identification of Dramatis Personae Distribution in Malaysian Folktales for Structural Classification as a Preservation Means Of Malaysian Folktales Click to Download
  5. Comparison of Half and Full-Leaf Shape Feature Extraction for Malaysian Medicinal Leaf Identification and Classification Click to Download
  6. Impact of Social Well-Being on Manufacturing Firm Sustainability Practice Click to Download
  7. Readiness in Knowledge and Ability for Implementation of Industrialised Building System (IBS) In Malaysian Construction Industry Click to Download
  8. Weak Life Signal Detection Based on Wavelet Transform and Threshold De-noising Theory Click to Download
  9. A Real-time MAC Protocol for Event-driven Wireless Sensor Networks Click to Download
  10. Optimized PROMETHEE Based on Interval Neutrosophic Sets for New Energy Storage Alternative Selection Click to Download
  11. Sedimentation Analysis and Optimization of Piled Raft Composite Foundation of High-speed Rail with Hyperbolic Fitting Method Click to Download
  12. International Trade Vector Model Based on Gravity Field Theory Click to Download
  13. Moving Simulation of Potato Combine Harvester Elevator Click to Download
  14. Anomaly Detection Model of Psychological Measurement Based on Low-scale Feature Constraint Click to Download
  15. Structural Orientation Filter Based on Total Variation-L1 Model Click to Download
  16. Analysis of Internal Flow of Narrow High Draft Tube Based on CFD Click to Download
  17. A New Type of Building Material: A Study of Properties of Carbon Nanofiber Concrete Click to Download
  18. DEA-Based Manufacturing Enterprise Performance Evaluation Click to Download
  19. A High-efficiency Edge Detection Method of SAR Image Click to Download
  20. Decisions Making of PPP Project Based on Game Model Click to Download
  21. Adaptive Power Control of Dual Grinding Wheels Metallographic Cutting Machine Click to Download
  22. An Image Enhancement Method Based on Improved Fuzzy Set Click to Download
  23. Message Handling Method for RTI Adapter in Multi-core Cluster Environment Click to Download
  24. Expected Solving Model of Constrained Particle Swarm Optimization in Fuzzy Programming Problem Click to Download
  25. Entropy-based Common Process Extraction for Multi-datasets Click to Download
  26. Collaborative Practical Oriented Independent Variable Pitch Control Strategy for Wind Power Generation Click to Download
  27. Criminisi Image Concealment Algorithm Based on Priority Function and Blocking Matching Principle Click to Download
  28. Analysis of Psychometric Groups Based on Bayesian Random Distribution Click to Download
  29. An Efficient Intra-domain Multipath Routing Algorithm Click to Download
  30. On the Function of Graphic Language in Poster Design Click to Download
  31. Optimal Model of Resource Allocation Based on Multiple-target Lyapunov Function Click to Download
  32. An Improved Fast Fractal Image Compression Coding Method Click to Download
  33. Multi-Scale Complete Lattice Morphological Seismic Image Enhancement Method Click to Download
  34. Dynamic Monitoring and Simulation of Urban Land Use Based on Remote Sensing Click to Download
  35. Outdoor Scene Object Matching Based on Multi-scale Local Feature Points Click to Download
  36. Integrated Control with Energy Optimization Management of Frequency and Load Tracking for Wireless Power Transfer Systems Click to Download
  37. Fitting and Prediction of Dynamic Coupling Effect Between Online and Offline Total Retail Sales of Consumer Goods Click to Download
  38. Resource Matching Model of Cloud Manufacturing Platform Based on the Granularity Optimization of the SFLA Click to Download
  39. Construction of Weighted Clustering Mobile Database System in AD Hoc Network Click to Download
  40. Microfluidic Half Adder Chip Based on Spiking Neural P Systems Click to Download
  41. Genes Expression Data Processing Algorithm Based on Hybrid Particle Swarm Optimization Click to Download
  42. Aviation Freight Safety Inspection System Based on RFID Click to Download
  43. Outdoor Motion Localization Algorithm Based on Random Probability Density Function Click to Download
  44. Image Enhancement Using Adaptive Piecewise Mapping Click to Download
  45. Data Mining of Differentially Expressed Genes Based on Gene Expression Profiling Microarray Click to Download
  46. Closed-loop Self-adaption Reproduction Bacterial Foraging Optimization Algorithm for Economic Load Dispatch Click to Download
  47. Confrontation Decision of AUV Cluster Based on Sonar Signal under Uncertainty Click to Download
  48. An Efficient MAC Protocol for Distributed Cognitive Radio Networks Click to Download
  49. Non-Local Means Image De-noising Based on Wavelet Transform Click to Download
  50. Spacecraft Attitude Control Based on Nonlinear Extended State Observer Click to Download