ISSN: 0254-0770



Volume 39, Issue 10 (October 2016)

  1. Current Sharing in Parallel Connected Converters with Indirect Duty Ratio Adjustment for Photovoltaic System Click to Download
  2. Incremental relay selection with reduced power consumption and jamming for secure cooperative networks Click to Download
  3. Quality of Service aware Vertical Handoff Decision Algorithm between WiFi WiMax and LTE Click to Download
  4. Improved Network Lifetime and Hole Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks using Robot Repair Algorithm with Topology Control Fault Tolerance Click to Download
  5. Image Fusion Based on Nonsubsampled Contourlet Transform Click to Download
  6. Interval Neutrosophic Fuzzy Stochastic Multi-Criteria Decision-making Methods Based on MYCIN Certainty Factor and Prospect Theory Click to Download
  7. Noise Reduction of 3D Human Body Surface Reconstruction Algorithm and Surface Continuous Optimization Click to Download
  8. Portfolio Optimization with Investment Constrains Based on Modified Cuckoo Search Algorithm Click to Download
  9. Pirates Attack Space Division Based on Spatial Clustering Click to Download
  10. A Handwritten Uygur Character String Recognition Method Combining Segmentation and Whole Word Recognition Click to Download
  11. Analysis on the Influence Factors of Farmers Click to Download
  12. Vibration Signal Filtering Algorithm Based on Singular Value Subspace Decomposition Click to Download
  13. Ecological Environmental Protection Strategy Based on Big Data Analysis Click to Download
  14. Cascading Failure in the Maximum Entropy Based Dense Weighted Directed Network: An Agent-based Computational Experiment Click to Download
  15. Sub-pixel Edge Detection of Cubic Spline in HSV Color Space Click to Download
  16. Operation Condition Analysis and Optimization Model of Wind Farm Click to Download
  17. Effect of Aging on corrosion Property, Electrochemical Behavior and Microstructure of 7075 Aluminum Alloy Click to Download
  18. A Community Search Method Network Based on Multi-objective Particle Swarm Optimization Click to Download
  19. Food Safety Document Classification Using LSTM-based Ensemble Learning Click to Download
  20. Intelligent Evolutionary Algorithm for Fuzzy Programming Based on Nonlinear Support Vector Machine Click to Download
  21. Time Synchronization Algorithm for Distributed Digital Product Collaborative Simulation in Multi-core Environment Click to Download
  22. Fluctuation Impact of Main Food Crops Production to Total Grain Yield Click to Download
  23. Allocative Efficiency Change and Total Factor Productivity Growth Based on Trans-logarithm Production Function Model Click to Download
  24. Self-adaption Model of Multiple-projection Blended with Geometric Color Click to Download
  25. Aerodynamic Performance Optimization Design for Aircraft Based on Improved Genetic Algorithm Click to Download
  26. Supporting Reinforcement and Stability Analysis of the Roadway Crossing the Fault in Deep Mining Click to Download
  27. Multi-objective Optimal Model of Two-sided Matching Click to Download
  28. Image Texture Feature Extraction Based on Gabor Transform Click to Download
  29. Obfuscated Binaries Reliability Analysis Based on Qualitative Method Click to Download
  30. Application of Paper-based Glucose Electrochemical Biosensors Click to Download
  31. A Method of Recovering Distorted DEM of Regular Terrain Click to Download
  32. Temporal and Spatial Evolution of Economic Center of Western Cities Based on the Grid Features Click to Download
  33. Sedimentation Calculation Based on Alamgir Model of Composite Foundation in Biding Material Pile Click to Download
  34. Interactive Relationship between Rural Pension Insurance and Economic Growth Based on VAR Model Click to Download
  35. Rule Generation Method in Smart Home Based on Habits Click to Download
  36. Analysis of the Income Gap between Urban and Rural Areas Based on Lorenz Curves and Gini Coefficients Click to Download
  37. Individualization Recommended Model of Gaussian Symmetric Optimization in Independent Increment Learning Click to Download
  38. Agricultural Spatial Spillover Effect Based on DS Model Click to Download
  39. An Image Edge Feature Extraction Method Based on Multi-operator Fusion Click to Download
  40. Complex Network Anomaly Recognition Based on Multi-source Large Data Click to Download
  41. Snubbing Operation Process Simulation Based on String Stress Actuation Click to Download
  42. E-Commerce Autocorrelation Decision Model Based on Defect Matrix Constraints Click to Download
  43. Ecological Model of Groundwater Environment Based on Hybrid Soft Computing Method Click to Download
  44. Price Forecasting Algorithm of Carbon Finance Market based on Kalman Regression Click to Download
  45. Pricing Binary Options Based on Fuzzy Number Theory Click to Download
  46. Image Correction Scheme Based on Improved Hough Transform Click to Download
  47. Preparation of Super-hydrophobic Coordination Coating on Aluminum Click to Download
  48. Distributed Collaborative Task Scheduling Algorithm Based on HPC-RTI Click to Download
  49. Trajectory Tracking Control for a Quadrotor Helicopter Based on Sliding Mode Theory Click to Download
  50. Predictive Direct Power Control Strategy Based on Two Stage Matrix Converter Click to Download