ISSN: 0254-0770



Volume 39, Issue 11 (November 2016)

  1. Identification of High Conditional Complexity in Source Code Based on Statistical Analysis Click to Download
  2. Model of Uninterruptible Power Supply Based on Improved Hopfield Network Click to Download
  3. Extension Interior Design Knowledge Discovery Based on Extension Data Mining Click to Download
  4. Performance Analysis of A New Type Weighing Sensor Error Calibration Fixture Click to Download
  5. Integrated Positioning Algorithm of BDS/ GPS/ GLONASS Based on Isobar Random Model Click to Download
  6. Digital Camouflage Design Algorithm Based on Template Combinatorial Optimization Click to Download
  7. Urban Disaster Prevention and Emergency Material Distribution Based on Ant Colony Algorithm Click to Download
  8. Vehicle License-plate Recognition Based on Exponential Moments Click to Download
  9. Local Feature Point Extraction Method Based on SIFT Click to Download
  10. Soil Erosion Dynamic Detection Based on Remote Sense and GIS Techniques Click to Download
  11. Group Analysis and Evaluation Method of Enterprise Competitiveness Based on Law of Logic Partial Order Click to Download
  12. Ecological Protection Optimization of Traditional Village Landscape in Cold Area Based on Gravity Model Click to Download
  13. Information Security and Confidentiality Based on Data Mining Click to Download
  14. A Handwritten Digit Recognition Method Based on Bayesian Network Click to Download
  15. Sensitivity Analysis of Recycled Concrete Based on Grey Model Click to Download
  16. Particle Swarm Collaborative Practicability Algorithm Based on Partial Differential Exact Solution Click to Download
  17. Analysis on the Two-parameter One-dimensional Photonic Crystal Characters Based on Quantum-well Structures Click to Download
  18. Character Recognition Algorithm Based on Neural Network Click to Download
  19. Optimized GCA Based on Interval Neutrosophic Sets for Urban Flood Control and Disaster Reduction Program Evaluation Click to Download
  20. Simulation and Verification Synchronous Transmission System of Wireless Power and Signal Based on FSK Click to Download
  21. RFID Positioning Based on Vehicle Positioning Subsystem Click to Download
  22. Wireless Mobile Computing Model Based on BDI and Memory Evolution Mechanism Click to Download
  23. Cross-organizational Collaborative Web Service Composition Method Based on Local Quality Constraint Resolution Click to Download
  24. Direct Torque Control of the Direct Three Level Matrix Converter Based on Induction Motor Drive Click to Download
  25. Analysis on HTML5 UI Design Paradigm under the Background of Data Flow and Interactive Experience Click to Download
  26. Artistic Reconstruction Mode Based on the AUTOCAD and the Computer Aided Painting Click to Download
  27. A Novel Fish Swarm Optimization Algorithm using Convex Optimization for Pattern Recognition Systems Click to Download
  28. Discussions on the Randomness and Chaos of Geological Big Data Model Click to Download
  29. Research on the Dispersibility of KH550 Modified Nano-Ag/TiO2 in Urea-formaldehyde Resin Click to Download
  30. Research on the Virtual Machine Migration Model and QoS Guarantee Mechanism based on Fuzzy Self-Organizing Neural Network Click to Download
  31. State of Available Energy Estimation for Power Battery by Considering Rated Capacity Loss Click to Download
  32. Analysis of Action Mechanism for Rigid Flexible Pile Composite Foundation Click to Download
  33. Network Data and Cloud Computing Platform Application in Performance Evaluation Index of Regional Innovation Capability Click to Download
  34. An Improved Clustering Routing Algorithm Based on Energy Balance Click to Download
  35. Decision-making Management of Groundwater Environment System based on Bayesian Network Click to Download
  36. A Histogram Kernel Density Estimation Based Similarity Approach for Uncertain Time Series Click to Download
  37. Index Selection and Weight Calculation Method of New Area Production Construction Project Click to Download
  38. Multi- source Calibration Indoor Positioning for Emergency Rescue Click to Download
  39. Research on 3+2 Teaching Mode of Microelectronic Technology Professionals in Higher Vocational Training Click to Download
  40. An Improved Routing Algorithm For Zigbee Sensor Network Click to Download
  41. Study on the Construction Element of New Rural Sports Culture in Jiangxi based on Big Data Analysis Click to Download
  42. Computer-Assisted Physical Education Guiding Paradigm under Internet and Multimedia Environment Click to Download
  43. Construction of E-Commerce Intelligent Recommendation System based on User Behavior Mining Click to Download
  44. Applications of Design Patterns and Data Mining Algorithms in Software Development Click to Download
  45. Does the Investment-Oriented Informal Finance Narrow the Income Gap among Rural Residents? An Empirical Analysis Based on Interprovincial Panel Data Click to Download
  46. Effect of Lean to Emergence of Complex Systems-Taking Supply Chain as Example Click to Download
  47. The impact of Venture Capital on Independent Innovation of SMEs Click to Download
  48. Pollution Assessment of Heavy Metal Pb in Surface Soil of Cixi, Zhejiang Province in Recent 1,000 Years Click to Download
  49. Experimental and Simulation Analysis of Prestressed Concrete Continuous Box Girder Bridge Click to Download
  50. Empirical Research of R&D Investment and Independent Innovation based on International Trade Background Click to Download