ISSN: 0254-0770



Volume 39, Issue 12 (December 2016)

  1. A Novel Clustering and Mining Algorithm for High Dimensional Data based on Uncertainty Criteria and Fuzzy Mathematics Click to Download
  2. A Novel Macro Micro Economic Index Prediction Model based on the High Dimensional Data Fitting and Logistic Regression Click to Download
  3. A Study on the Life Information Style of Sports Dance based on the Management Systems Click to Download
  4. Recreational Landscape Design Paradigm based on Three-Dimensional Reconstruction and Virtual City Click to Download
  5. Research and Demonstration of SVM Classification Based on Improved Gauss Kernel Function Click to Download
  6. A Novel Resource Scheduling Model for Cloud Data Center based on Game Analysis and Optimization Theory Click to Download
  7. Research on the College Students Click to Download
  8. Supply Chain Network Equilibrium Model Based on Freight Strategy Click to Download
  9. Research and Realization of Intelligent Building Energy Management System Click to Download
  10. Salt and Pepper Noise Removal Based on Sparse Representation Click to Download
  11. A Novel Cloud Data Center Resource Scheduling Optimization Model based on KPCA and Markov Chain Click to Download
  12. Application Research on Partial Differential Equation Image Processing on the Basis of Discrete Neural Network Click to Download
  13. The influence of Morning Exercises Individual Differences on Mental Health Based on the Network Big Data Click to Download
  14. Research on the Food Brand Building and Network Marketing based on E-business Platform Click to Download
  15. Teaching Evaluation of Single Chip Microcomputer based on Artificial Intelligence Algorithm Click to Download
  16. Sensitivity Study of the Bearing Capacity and Pile-soil Stress Ratio for Aeolian Sand Foundation Treated with CFG Piles Click to Download
  17. Application of Data Mining Algorithm in Governmental R&D Investment and Independent Innovation Ability Click to Download
  18. Improvement on Clustering Routing Algorithm of Wireless Sensor Networks Click to Download
  19. An Empirical Study on B2C E-commerce Service Model and Management Performance in Small and Medium Sized Enterprises Click to Download
  20. Preliminary Study on Wearable Devices based on Artificial Intelligence Algorithms Click to Download
  21. Research on Green Innovation Efficiency by Using Three-stage DEA Based on Super-SBM System Click to Download
  22. Impacts of Heat Transfer and Leakage on Performance of Micro Free Piston Swing Engine Click to Download
  23. Simultaneous Optimization Strategy of Cost-optimal Heat Exchanger Network Synthesis with PSO Algorithm Click to Download
  24. Synthesis and Research Progress of Monotitanocene Complexes Click to Download
  25. Forecast on Forestry Sub-industries Output Value in Heilongjiang Reclamation Area Based on Comprehensive Improvement GM(1,1) Model Click to Download
  26. Decision-making of Selectable Process Plans Based on Petri net with Manufacturing Constraints Click to Download
  27. Construction and Optimization on the Framework of Computer Linguistic Analysis based on the Natural Language Processing Click to Download
  28. Study on the Stability of Switched Systems based on Uncertain Nonlinear Time Delay Click to Download
  29. Study on the Three Dimensional Practical Teaching of Foreign-oriented Tourist Hotel Catering Management Click to Download
  30. A Comparative Study on the Content of Basic Art Education in China and Britain Based on the Big Data Platform Click to Download
  31. Empirical Analysis of Unabsorbed Slack Effect on Corporate Philanthropy based on Cloud Platform and Data Mining Click to Download
  32. Research on the E-business Platform of Agricultural Products and Rice Marketing Channel based on Network Big Data Click to Download
  33. Research on the Scale Management of Agriculture in Anhui based on the Network Data Mining Click to Download
  34. Research on the Influence Factors of Customer Online Shopping Satisfaction under B2C E-business Mode Click to Download
  35. Research on the Role of Cross Ownership on Excess Capacity Based on Game Analysis: a Government Regulation Perspective Click to Download
  36. Empirical Analysis of Income Difference between Peasant Laborer and Cities Inhabitant based on Econometric Model Click to Download
  37. The Application of Polygon Modeling Method in the Maya Persona Model Shaping Click to Download
  38. Study on Academic Development of SSCI Papers on Intercultural Communication from 2006-2015 based on Information Visualization Click to Download
  39. Research on the Relationship between Financial Agglomeration and Regional Economic Growth in the Context of Internet of Things and Data Analysis Click to Download
  40. A Novel Precise Poverty Alleviation System Based on High Dimensional Data Dimensionality Reduction and Feature Clustering Model Click to Download
  41. Research on the Walking Mechanism of Imitation Centipede based on Gait Simulation Click to Download
  42. Smart Home System Based on Zigbee Wireless Sensor Network Click to Download
  43. A Novel Coordination Model of Urbanization Speed and Quality based on Multidimensional Economic Data Click to Download
  44. Study on Using Experiential Teaching Mode in the University Civil Engineering Safety Course Click to Download
  45. Design of Ancient Architecture and Characteristic Analysis based on 3D Multimedia Simulation Click to Download
  46. Research on Intelligent Control of Engineering Project based on Case-based Reasoning Click to Download
  47. Research on the Engineering Project Cost Management and Cost Control based on Data Mining Method Click to Download
  48. Impact of the Internet on Retail Industry: Insights Into Consumer Choice of Multichannel Shopping Click to Download
  49. Research on the Recreational Landscape Design Paradigm from the Bionic Design and Topology Planning Perspectives Click to Download
  50. Intrusion Detection and Defense Algorithm Based on State-Extended Cellular Automata Model for the Internet Click to Download