ISSN: 0254-0770



Volume 40, Issue 1 (January 2017)

  1. Denoising of ultrasound breast image using Improved Oriented Speckle Reducing Anisotropic diffusion Bilateral Filter(IADBF) Click to Download
  2. Anomaly detection based on Non-negative matrix factorization in stock market Click to Download
  3. Multimodal Biometric Authentication System based on Minutiae feature of Fingerprint and retina Click to Download
  4. Barriers for innovation detected in 400 colombian businesses, based on the innovation 'U' coefficient methodology Click to Download
  5. Thermogravimetric characteristics and kinetics of pyrolysis of coal blends Click to Download
  6. Aggregation study of asphaltenes from colombian Castilla crude oil using molecular simulation Click to Download
  7. Characterization and development of closed-form solutions for axle load spectra associated with trucks circulating the highways of Colombia Click to Download
  8. Transmission of visible light through mortars using fluorite as a fine aggregate Click to Download
  9. Energy absorption capacity of expanded metal meshes subjected to tensile loading Click to Download
  10. Virtual test bench as a complement to study thermal area: application in vapor compression systems Click to Download
  11. Drought and genetic programming to approach annual agriculture production normalized curves Click to Download
  12. An analysis of tools for automatic software development and automatic code generation Click to Download
  13. Requirements engineering based on knowledge: a comparative case study of the KMoS-RE strategy and the DMS process Click to Download
  14. A 360 Click to Download
  15. Assessment proposal of teaching and learning strategies in software process improvement Click to Download