ISSN: 0254-0770



Volume 40, Issue 2 (April 2017)

  1. A matheuristic algorithm for the three-dimensional loading capacitated vehicle routing problem (3L-CVRP) Click to Download
  2. Assessment of postures and manual handling of loads at Southern Brazilian Foundries Click to Download
  3. Effect of different combinations of size and shape parameters in the percentage error of classification of structural elements in vegetal tissue of the pumpkin Cucurbita pepo L. using probabilistic neural networks Click to Download
  4. Pelletization of catalysts supported on activated carbon. A Case Study: clean synthesis of dimethyl carbonate from methanol and CO2 Click to Download
  5. Using factorial design to increase the efficiency on a small-scale ethanol distillation Click to Download
  6. Analysis of the quality of the welding process in the exchange of component of BGA technology Click to Download
  7. Colour evolution of the oxide layer formed on the Au-25Fe AND Au-24.5Fe-0.5Co alloys Click to Download
  8. Spectroscopic analysis of coal plasma emission produced by laser ablation Click to Download
  9. Biomechanical analysis of damaged intervertebral disc using reflective photoelasticity Click to Download
  10. A hybrid gateway discovery algorithm for supporting QoS communications in heterogeneous networks Click to Download
  11. Adjustable spatial resolution of compressive spectral images sensed by multispectral filter array-based sensors Click to Download
  12. Spectral-amplitude encoding CDMA system based on high-speed electronic encoder/decoder structures Click to Download
  13. Dynamic WDM-TDM access networks featuring wired-wireless convergence Click to Download
  14. Experimental study of water infiltration on an unsaturated soil-geosynthetic system Click to Download
  15. Behavior of turbidity, pH, alkalinity and color in Sin Click to Download
  16. Behavior of a warm mix asphalt using a chemical additive to foam the asphalt binder Click to Download