ISSN: 0254-0770



Volume 40, Issue 3 (July 2017)

  1. Estimation of the neuromodulation parameters from the planned volume of tissue activated in deep brain stimulationEstimation of the neuromodulation parameters from the planned volume of tissue activated in deep brain stimulation Click to Download
  2. Applicability of semi-supervised learning assumptions for gene ontology terms prediction Click to Download
  3. Automatic segmentation of lizard spots using an active contour model Click to Download
  4. A Markov random field image segmentation model for lizard spots Click to Download
  5. An insight to the automatic categorization of speakers according to sex and its application to the detection of voice pathologies: A comparative study Click to Download
  6. Impact of the error sensing probability in wide coverage areas of clustered-based wireless sensor networks Click to Download
  7. Model-based maximum power point tracking for wind generators Click to Download
  8. On-line signature verification using Gaussian Mixture Models and small-sample learning strategies Click to Download
  9. Cross-layer designs for energy efficient wireless body area networks: a review Click to Download
  10. Data envelopment analysis and Pareto genetic algorithm applied to robust design in multiresponse systems Click to Download
  11. Determination of accident-prone road sections using quantile regression Click to Download
  12. Validation of a methodology to determine Benzene, Toluene, Ethylbenzene, and Xylenes concentration present in the air and adsorbed in activated charcoal passive samplers by GC/FID chromatography Click to Download
  13. Horizontal vortex single chamber hydroturbine Click to Download
  14. Effect of the use nickeliferous laterite and pumice as additives in the performance and durability of the Portland cement Click to Download
  15. Review of improving the water management for the informal gold mining in Colombia Click to Download
  16. Optimization for producing biodiesel from ethanol and waste frying oil with a high concentration of ester Click to Download
  17. Contrast enhancement by searching discriminant color projections in dermoscopy images Click to Download