ISSN: 0254-0770



Volume 40, Issue 4 (October 2017)

  1. Picking Routing Problem with K homogenous material handling equipment for a refrigerated warehouse Click to Download
  2. The perception of colombians about science and technology according to their education level: professional and non-professional population Click to Download
  3. Raw materials for the ceramics industry from norte de santander. I. Mineralogical, chemical and physical characterization Click to Download
  4. Fabrication of chitosan/bioactive glass composite scaffolds for medical applications Click to Download
  5. Evaluation of alternative microbial transglutaminase production from sorghum grain and distilled dried grains with solubles using computational simulation Click to Download
  6. Blast densification: A proposed methodology to quantify the amount of densification required to prevent liquefaction and flow in sandy soils Click to Download
  7. Nitrogen and cod removal from tannery wastewater using biological and physicochemical treatments Click to Download
  8. A comparison of linear and nonlinear model performance of shia_landslide: a forecasting model for rainfall-induced landslides Click to Download
  9. Effects of environmental aging and ultra violet radiation on asphalt mixture dynamic modulus, permanent deformation and fatigue life Click to Download
  10. Hibernate and spring - An analysis of maintainability against performance Click to Download
  11. Automatic detection of hypernasal speech of children with cleft lip and palate from spanish vowels and words using classical measures and nonlinear analysis Click to Download
  12. Machine vision system for weed detection using image filtering in vegetables crops Click to Download
  13. Reconstruction of multispectral light field (5d plenoptic function) based on compressive sensing with colored coded apertures from 2D projections Click to Download
  14. A novel method for fuzzy scale factors scheduling in fuzzy PD+I with anti-windup system controllers Click to Download
  15. Power deposition influence on the electrical and optical properties of Sn1-xO2Nbx thin films obtained by sputtering Click to Download